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Camp A Low Hum Returns To Homedale In 2012

Camp A Low Hum Returns To Homedale In 2012

Wednesday 25th May, 2011 9:34AM

Word has just come in from A Low Hum that their annual festival is moving back to it's former title and location at Camp Wanui, Homedale for 2012.  The festival has been in held at Flock House in Bulls for the past two years under the banner of Campus A Low Hum.

That dates too have been announced along with news of a drastic cut in the ticket allocation by 300 tickets for next years festival - we'll let you know when they go on sale.

Camp Wainui, Homedale, Wainuiomata
Feb 10-12

Here's the official word from Blink:

For those who have never been to a "Camp" before, only Campus, expect some changes - the big one is less people! Yip. Totally going against any commercial commonsense (as I roll), I'm for the first time ever, reducing the maximum capacity compared to the year before, and not just by a few, but 300 less tickets are available then there were in 2011! So yeah… might be a good idea to buy a ticket quickly this time eh? They will go on sale in a little while. I'll be calling for band applications for local (and Aussie) acts when tickets go on sale, please don't email me before then.

If you are going to arrange your travel to Wellington before tickets go on sale, people can arrive at the site anytime after 6pm Thursday Feb 9th, though bands won't start officially until the morning of the 10th. Getting out to the site from Wellington is pretty easy with public transport and I'll have full details up as soon as tickets go on sale. I'll have a shuttle driving people the last few hundred metres to the site that public transport doesn't cover.

Unlike the old Camps, you can still expect some sweet international guests as I've had at the Campuses, and even though I'm reducing ticket numbers by a large amount, I'm not reducing the budget for artists - it's all in the magic of budgeting (or simply doing an event 2 hours closer to Wellington).

Tickets and more details will be on sometime in July.


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