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Review: Black Lips - Arabia Mountain

Review: Black Lips - Arabia Mountain

Tuesday 28th June, 2011 9:02AM

When Black Lips first graced the ears of most of us a few years back with tracks like ‘Bad Kids’ and ‘O Katrina’ it certainly didn’t seem like a relationship destined to last. Their crass stage antics and Ramonesy guitar riffs made them an easy bunch to fall for, but surely time would do its thing. If the hard-living four piece weren’t to crack first, listeners would eventually grow old and bored, leaving only distant, youthful memories. Six albums in however and Black Lips have still to show any sign of backing down and I’m damn happy they haven’t. Arabia Mountain is everything one might want and expect from the Atlanta group, with enough puke, trash and good times to satisfy the greatest of fans. Had you been of the mind though, that the boys had changed their tack with news of the Mark Ronson produced album, then you may well have been had.

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