bStreet K Road 2011 -  Venue Line-Ups and Playing Times

bStreet K Road 2011 - Venue Line-Ups and Playing Times

Tuesday 23rd August, 2011 2:53PM

95bFM have outdone themselves with bStreet this year. Taking place this Saturday (27th August), they are installing bands in five different venues up and down iconic Karangahape Road.

Here is the line-up for each venue and the playing times...


Mean Girls 9.00 pm
Mellow Grave 9.40 pm
1995 10.25 pm
The Checks 11.10 pm
Beastwars 12.10 am


Paquin 8.10 pm
Swampy Tonk 9.00 pm
Bernie Griffen 10.00 pm
Thee Rum Coves 11.00 pm
Mothers of Darkness 12.00 am


Tied On Teeth 8.35 pm
Cat Venom 9.30 pm
God Bows To Math 10.30 pm
Wilberforces 11.30 pm
Popstrangers 12.30 am


F in Math 10.00 pm
Zowie 10.45 pm
She’s so Rad 11.30 pm
$noregazZzm 12am
Scratch 22 1am


The Cavemen 9.00 pm
Rackets 9.40 pm
Ghost Wave 10.25 pm
The Transistors 11.10 pm
Street Chant 12.10 am

Things are going to be pretty tight  - entry with a valid bCard only.

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