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Review: Thundercub - Thundercub EP

Review: Thundercub - Thundercub EP

Wednesday 12th October, 2011 10:29AM

New Zealand is geographically isolated for sure, but there must be something about being crammed down in this little corner of the world that can make us go a little feral over time. Nowhere is this truer than in the Dunedin music scene. Over the last few years it has given us such excellent bands as Mountaineater, Operation Rolling Thunder, and Left Or Right. These acts seem to thrive on their complete isolation from the rest of the country which is in-turn severely divided from the rest of the world by vast oceans. Left to their own devices they have thrived and built their own formidable cult followings. Thundercub are relative newcomers on the scene but they share a similarly vicious DIY ethic to their contemporaries. They have just released their self-titled debut EP and it is a little ripper.

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