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Album Preview: Pumice - Puny + Commentary

Album Preview: Pumice - Puny + Commentary

Monday 26th March, 2012 1:23PM

As promised, this week we are running a full stream of Pumice's excellent new album Puny available from next Tuesday (3rd April) via Soft Abuse.

The eleventh album from this much respected artist and musician, you can listen to it track by track with accompanying commentary from Stefan Neville (very insightful) or down the bottom of the post you'll find our usual player where you can play the whole thing at once  - either way do listen!

Puny Preview w/ Track by Track Commentary:

1. Hey Crap Crab

I was in L.A. in 2009 and the surrounding hills were on fire. My heart had been broken by a Cancer & I was looking for a cure. I had been in Chicago a few days before and been to a Thai restaurant that had a dish made with ants eggs which I didn't order but then when I got to L.A I learned that eating ants eggs is an old remedy for heart break. I drew a stink picture of a crab and wrote "crap crab" under it. It's odd because I'm usually pretty good at drawing crabs. The rhythm on this came from walking round Grey Lynn with Chris Knox and his wonky footsteps.

2. Stink Moon

One of those songs written in as long as it takes to sing it. Some wine and walking up Great North Road under a full moon shaking my fist and swearing at it. I was gonna have a huge big fuck off female choir on it but decided it wouldn't be fair. I settled for a spitty guitar solo instead. The piano on here belongs to Alie & Rosy

3. Ready to Rot

Just drums and voice. Burying a dead baby squirrel. Being woken up by a cat crunching on a small birds skull right by my head. Old cold tea and spit. Recorded while I was house sitting for Dr. Fil in New Lynn. I had the place to myself so wasn't shy about trying to sing loudly in harmony with myself but I was a bit embarrassed when I realised I'd been doing it with the front door open.

4. Trophy

I like that this one is recorded live. It's just layers of organ and oscillator and wind. I like the bits that remind me of the sound of a Tardis. Thanks Vic for the title! It's called Trophy because it's an award I gave myself for getting through some crap.

5. Coeliacs Bring a plate

Come's from a horrific and painful 2 day long gluten reaction. I closed my eyes and saw burning dogs and porno corpses! I had a fight with the house and I quit bands! I have learned to be more careful. The acoustic bass guitar that I'm playing on this belongs to Antonio Parsons. I think it's too tricky to play live.

6. Covered In Spiders

I wanted to represent and remember some of the love that preceded the big boring heart break. It didn't come easy and I didn't really succeed but that was the idea. It glow's a bit so hopefully you get some idea. Unusually for a Pumice recording the drums are played by hand with sticks!

7. Hump Piss

My niece Lucy thought my band was called "Hump Piss".

8. Smell The Towel

Just vocals and puny tears on this one. Doom-wop music. There's a subliminal bit of a haka from my childhood in there too because I needed to feel stronger. It worked.

9. Cuachag Nan Craobh

My Scottish blood is easily stirred. I learned this tune off a record by the Pipes & Drums of H.M. 2nd Batt. Scots Guards. The tune is better known as "Skye Boat Song" and has lyrics but that song was apparently based on this old Gaelic rowing tune. I wanted to use this title when I saw that the last word looks a bit like "crab". I'm proud of the long drone out ending on this one.

For more on Pumice you can check out our review of the album here and/or head over here to read an interview we conducted with Neville last year about the re-release of his 2007 album Pebbles.



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