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Album Review: Dirty Three - Toward The Low Sun

Album Review: Dirty Three - Toward The Low Sun

Thursday 26th April, 2012 10:11AM

As anyone who has seen their inspiring live show will attest, Dirty Three are a force of nature churning out their down-home post-rock steeped in the American Gothic. While their members are spread across the globe doing various projects, Dirty Three is at it's core a Melbourne band and they represent that city’s lunatic fringe. The group consists of violinist Warren Ellis (Grinderman, The Bad Seeds), guitarist Mick Turner (who also painted the album cover) and drummer Jim White. The inclusion of a violin pushes their music into melancholy territory but it is miles away from dreaded elevator music, often even filthier sounding than Turner’s decayed guitar noodling. Toward The Low Sun is their seventh album all up and what a milestone it is, a deranged meander through the wilderness of the soul.

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