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Album Review: Arc of Ascent - The Higher Key

Album Review: Arc of Ascent - The Higher Key

Wednesday 9th May, 2012 12:07PM

Arc Of Ascent are a ridiculously hard-rocking trio from Hamilton, consisting of vocalist/bassist Craig Williamson, guitarist Sandy Schaare, and drummer John Strange. If their name sounds familiar it is possible that you have seen them as an opening act for one of any number of visiting metal acts or local sideshows, or you might remember the outpouring of critical acclaim that their debut album, Circle Of The Sun, received in 2010. Such a wealth of expectation must have made the follow-up record difficult to conceive and execute. But two years later that is exactly what they have done. It is called The Higher Key and it fulfills every promise of the first album as well as blowing expectations out of the water.

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