Download: Capsul -Wide Awake Looking Out at the Night (Album)

Download: Capsul -Wide Awake Looking Out at the Night (Album)

Wednesday 16th May, 2012 11:19AM

Capsul is the solo project of Papaiti Records' James Stutely and he's just released an album of remixes, covers and collaborations under the moniker titled Wide Awake Looking Out at The Night.

Available for free download, the album has been a couple of years in the making and features Capsul covers/remixes of some of his favourite local acts amidst covers/remixes of Capsul work by the likes of  Grayson Gilmour, Deathdream, Secret Knives, Suren Unka and more.

Here's the opening track from the album, a Capsul cover of Grass Cannons:

Here's the full tracklist - head over to the Papaiti Records site to grab a copy.

01. Capsul - 'Hat Hair [Don't Lie]' (cover of Grass Cannons)
02. Secret Knives - 'If You're Stil... (remix of Capsul)
03. Grayson Gilmour - 'You Fall Asleep, I Fall Asleep' (remix of Capsul)
04. Deathdream - 'I Don't Want To Be a Ghost' (cover of Capsul)
05. Capsul - 'Elegy/Doubtdisco' (remix of Secret Knives)
06. Lily Cove - '23/24/25'(cover of Capsul)
07. Totems - 'A Reflection of A Tree' (remix of Capsul)
08. Snowfield - 'The Dreaming' (Capsul over Snowfield)
09. You Could Talk - 'Late Holiday #1' (feat Capsul)
10. Capsul - 'Drama' (cover of Over The Atlantic)
11. Suren Unka - 'Bloodshot Eyes at 5am' (cover of Capsul)
12. Capsul - 'Darkwave Equals MC Squared (remix of The Enright House)
13. Race Banyon - 'You Fall Asleep, I Fall Asleep' (remix of Capsul)


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