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The Coshercot Honeys new EP

The Coshercot Honeys new EP

Monday 10th December, 2007 5:53PM

Have you heard 'We're all Lions'? That uber cool track that's been hammered on the bnets for the past few months?

It's awesome, sharp, snappy and makes you think 'Now thats a dam good pop song', and that's what slaps you in the face about this group.

They're in for big things soon, and with their debut ep about to be released, they've just climbed the first step.

bFM Top Ten #1 darlings The Coshercot Honeys deliver their debut EP, featuring the huge favourite, ‘We’re All Lions’. Plus the first ever video from Coshercot Honeys, made by the fabulous ‘A Trophy Wife’ collective (The Brunettes – Her Hairagami Set) is set for delivery to TV this week!

There’s something going on, that’s been straining at the edges of the New Zealand underground, fit to burst. Because a secret is only a secret until it can no longer be kept, let’s dispense with any pretend airs of mystery, because the Coshercot Honeys are in fact nobody’s secret. And, with a kit load of songs ready to be unleashed on the world the band’s considerable talents and charms will no longer be hidden from anybody.

Since 2006, the five-piece Coshercot Honeys have been amongst the most hotly-tipped vibe-peddlers in Auckland’s late-night dives, clubs, and speakeasies; a regular attraction on the scene but not of the scene – and that’s an important distinction. This group have never had designs to fit any particular niche, nor to appeal to any select crowd, and with their not so secret weapon ‘We’re All Lions’ already topping the esteemed 95bFM Top Ten chart, it would seem that the band’s sound has in fact already transcended the confines of the underground areas from which they emerged.

But, dear readers - prepare to be confused. With today’s music culture relying on indicators from the past to understand what’s happening currently, much is made of whatever revival is in contemporary favour – and the Coshercot Honeys are not the sum of easily-identifiable directions.

There is no direct lineage evident or obvious allegiances owed on their healthy collective of songs. Though the keyboard lines suggest the covert baroque psychedelia of The Stranglers; the lead guitars boil, swirl, and wind like Marquee Moon era Television; and the Strokes-nuanced vocals all exist in a reverb-drenched rhythmic atmosphere evocative of an era of unspecified vintage, these reference points perhaps belong to a generation once removed from the advent of the Coshercot Honeys. Nonetheless, when songs and feelings are encapsulated by the sense and no-sense of a late teenage and early 20s mind storm of possibilities, they belong to a time outside of any definitive chronology: “…And when a decade’s passed, the tribal spell is cast…”

Somewhere, at the end of a long hallway is an exquisite Victorian drawing room, and therein the valves of an old mahogany radio set warm up and jolt into life. As the hum subsides, the strains of a rock’n’roll tune are heard, and timelines are blurred as the anachronistic setting is pulled into the here and now. Ladies and Gentleman, the Coshercot Honeys have arrived.

The Coshercot Honeys are:
Sasha Carlson – Vocals
Elliott Serjeant – Guitar
Jordan Morris – Guitar
Jack Smylie – Keyboards
Rob Champion – Drums

‘We’re All Lions’ e.p. is in stores now

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