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Album Review
To Lose My Life

To Lose My Life
by White Lies


Review Date
6th May 2009
Reviewed by

When the opening track to the debut album by UK band 'White Lies' (formerly Fear of Flying) is called "Death" immediately I know this won't be a lighter, road tripping record full of sing along, window down anthems.

Thou as the L.E.D's change their formation to signify the songs advancement I do get a sense that this could be perhaps a good example of a floor filler for the new day hipster generation.

Things do seem rather paint by numbers and overall this really does seem like abit of a poor-mans Editors. However this is a solid debut for indie-pop guitar band with stable but unspectacular backline, that suffer from a loss of differentiation between the songs. To be as bold as to say you could leave during the bridge of one of the songs and return in the chorus of another and it would feel as seamless as a well made Jim Henson puppet.

So if your a fan of 'The Killers', 'Interpol', Stovepipe jeans and neatly worn scarfs, then you may well enjoy giving this record a listen and having a wee boogie to the highly dance-able tracks.

Key tracks are "E.S.T", "A Place to Hide" and "From the Stars"


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