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Album Review
A Trilogy of Random Thoughts & Considerations

A Trilogy of Random Thoughts & Considerations
by Cybiont


Review Date
14th June 2009
Reviewed by
Amanda Ratcliffe

Prepare to be taken on a spiritual journey with the debut album from Cybiont, named ‘A Trilogy Of Random Thoughts & Considerations’. It’s a unique collection filled with just that - bursting at the seams with imagination, and an obvious love for life and all its experiences.

The name Cybiont was originally taken from a book titled ‘The Symbiotic Man’ put together by French futurist and science writer – Joël de Rosnay. “The Cybiont is a visionary definition of a future planetary being.” Explains the man behind the music who goes on to say, “Personally I understand the Cybiont as the symbiotic co-evolution of biology and technology. Where organisms, machines, social structures and networks become a single entity - a planetary brain with humans as its neurons. Cybiont is a planetary macro-organism under construction.”

Sounding all very technical, it’s hard to imagine what to expect when you first set ears on the three part album, but from the first track inside ‘An Atheist’s Prayers To People & Planet’, named ‘Talking To Birds’, you’ll understand completely. Described as a way to encourage the listeners to think, it certainly does that with my favourite line, ‘Hey there Jesus come down for a chat’, chanted through earthy African beats. From this point, the music begins to take on a theatrical life of its own, and although the album is a personal journey of the creator, you’ll most likely find yourself thrown into your own to do a bit of soul searching.

Part two of the disc named ‘Prelude To Life’ is seen by Cybiont as ‘sad and melancholic’, but is something essential to complete a wheel of emotions. Taking the listener through darker tunes like ‘We Die…A Little Bit Again’, and ‘Something The Matter With Me?’ will leave you feeling low, but the music behind ‘We Are The Screw-ups’ is more upbeat to drag you back to neutral. What really inspires Cybiont is those brave enough to bring something new into the world like the small man standing up for justice and the tiny voice that dares to speak the truth. Both of which, truly shine through in the lyrics of the entire album glistening with beads of hope and love.

You’ll notice an unexpected angrier side with the final part to this disc – ‘Rebellion Of The Misfits’. It’s here that you are exposed to the raw fury that the creator feels towards ‘the truth’, which is thought inspiring and well worth the second listen to uncover some of the deeper treasures that lay amongst the unique music that envelopes it. ‘Do Me Stic Cated’ and ‘Pain In The Ass’ are excellent examples of this with attractive futuristic sounds layered with lyrics to match. It becomes very apparent by this stage that a wide variety of areas have been explored to complete a series of music to touch the soul.

‘A Trilogy Of Random Thoughts & Considerations’ is exactly that, and an album that will have you locked in till the very end of it’s theatrical being. Best enjoyed in a quiet room with no interruptions to truly benefit and experience Cybiont’s beliefs, inspirations and everything in between.

Amanda Ratcliffe

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