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Album Review
Get It Together

Get It Together
by Sola Rosa


Review Date
6th July 09
Reviewed by
Amanda Ratcliffe

After waiting with eager ears for nearly four years, Sola Rosa fans have finally been gifted with yet another delightful album to enjoy over coffee with friends. It may have taken a while, but this album proves worth the wait – and anyway, it’s not like we haven’t had their other brilliant tunes to listen to while this was in the making.

If you’re not familiar with the band, after a bit of research you’ll find that they’ve been around since the late 90’s and in that time have released four albums and two EP’s. Main-man Andrew Spraggon has worked with a range of well respected NZ musicians over the years and now Get It Together is ready to take it’s first steps into the big wide world.

Track one titled The Ace Of Space will drag you in with funky grooves, so smooth that you’ll instantly feel like you’re sitting in the most handsome café in town boasting about how great your life is. Everything appears sexier than the day before as you sway your head from side to side to the beautiful sounds that are Sola Rosa. Maybe this album should come with a warning?

Iva Lamkum offers soulful vocals with attitude in Turn Around which are accompanied by an array of instruments equally as moving and addictive to the pallet. Andrew McDowell enjoys a solo on his trumpet while Scratch 22 does what he does best - scratches. You’ve got drums, bass and even a trombone; all blended together like a delicious Indian curry – perfect to warm these cold winter evenings.

Del Ray, Humanised and Love Alone are wonderfully fancy tracks that are ultra sophisticated and make it easy to see how the father of Sola Rosa, Andrew Spraggon has come to where he is in the world today. Sounding all rather triumphant it’s hard to remember that these guys are actually from New Zealand, and not some swinging club in downtown Manhattan.

Funnily enough at the end of the sixth tune, Get It Together you’ll be treated to a familiar sound that feels all very Sex And The City with kooky keying by Kevin Field on the piano teamed up with Mirguel Fuentes tapping his bongos lightly. Two instruments that you wouldn’t normally pick to put in the same room, but work amazingly well with Spraggons’ magical touch.

This entire album truly is a charming medley of genres from funk to jazz, hip hop to dub and everything in-between. It’s fresh, unique, and one that I’d be proud to share with my friends or recommend be blasted in any café or boutique in town. A relaxing listen with just enough beat to make you want to swing your hips to the groove. Makes me feel like sipping an expensive coffee.

Amanda Ratcliffe

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