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Album Review
Testing The Limits of Infinite

Testing The Limits of Infinite


Review Date
14th July 2009
Reviewed by
M Street

Reign Supreme is a four piece hardcore band hailing from Philadelphia. Fronted by former Blacklisted vocalist, Jay Pepito, they often draw comparisons to heavyweight bands such as Hatebreed, Crowbar, Terror, and even Integrity.

From the outset Reign Supreme were clear about their intentions, to be the heaviest and hardest metallic hardcore band on the planet. In 2006 they released their first EP, ‘Fuck The Weak’ which was followed by the acclaimed ‘American Violence’ EP.

Having generated a loyal fanbase through continued touring it is now time for Reign Supreme to unleash their debut full length, ‘Testing The Limits of Infinite’.

‘Testing The Limits of Infinite’ is the kind of hardcore record I have been waiting to be released this year. It is not trying to break any musical boundaries, it is an album full of sing-a-longs, breakdowns and I can only imagine how good these tracks would be to witness live.

This album was made for the mosh. It is incredibly easy to get into and is all about the breakdown, the pile ons and is the perfect soundtrack to highlight your best the kung fu moves to.

From the opening track, ‘Mother Superior’, Reign Supreme set the tone for ‘Testing The Limits of Infinite’; fast, heavy and pissed and only once, the lingering instrumental ‘Waiting’, do they seem to stray from this formula.

In a genre that accepts mediocrity all to easily Reign Supreme have released an album with very few let downs. Aside from one or two fillers, ‘Crushed By The Weight’ and ‘Failure’, ‘Testing The Limits of Infinite’ is exactly what it should be – straight up hardcore without all the fluff.

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