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Album Review
Everything Goes Wrong

Everything Goes Wrong
by Vivian Girls


Review Date
27th August 2009
Reviewed by

Earlier this year we bought Vivian Girls’ first album on vinyl and while I love “Where Do You Run To”, the song that initially attracted my attention to Vivian Girls in the first place, I have to say I was a little disappointed in the album as a whole. I can’t pinpoint exactly why but it doesn’t sound that great, which could be the pressing or our record player; I don’t have a digital version to compare it to. Even so, I do enjoy putting it on but my initial disappointment does linger on.

Everything Goes Wrong instantly sounds heaps better, even as a live stream, they’ve managed to keep a vintage sound but it’s nice and clear and loud. It’s not often I instantly like an album, especially not all the way through and I do really like this album right to the end. I’ve listened to it all the way through three times back to back and will happily go back for more. No stands out yet– all the songs are really good – I wish it didn’t have to end. I can't wait to get it on vinyl.

If you’re new to Vivian Girls, they are three girls from Brooklyn NY who sing harmonies over classic fast punk drums and electric guitars. They have an old sound – kind of like 50s/60s girl groups but with tattoos. They’re great, listen for yourself free, the album is, at the time of this review, streaming in its entirety at Also, their first album is pretty much all on Youtube.

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