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Album Review
Old Money

Old Money
by Omar Rodriguez Lopez


Review Date
18th September 2009
Reviewed by
Paul Gallagher

I can understand why the Mars Volta have such a loyal and committed fan base, but I don't really understand the level of lip service sometimes given to the band's members. Earlier this year Omar Rodriguez Lopez released another record to add to the stable of solo un-Mars Volta records he's already compiled. This time, according to the press release that came with it, the album was 'loosely based on the concept of exploitative industrialists and, well, their old money..' Great. But that doesn't mean that it's particularly worthy of being listened to. A theme-based conceptual solo album from the main creative force of the Mars Volta? Why did he not just save it for his work with the Mars Volta who generally seem to stand for the same thing. Though there are things that Lopez can be given credit for. Not only is he impossibly hardworking considering the amount of records the guy has a hand in, there are actually good tracks that are probably well worth a listen to if you're a fan of all things Mars Volta. But that's the thing - I can't really see any reason why anyone would pick up this album if they didn't know the connection to his usual full time band. Which again begs the question - how come he didn't just release it with the Mars Volta? It's not breaking new ground and it certainly doesn't seem at all relevant to anyone other than college kids who have only just begun to awaken to the exploitative nature of the world in a way that they might choose to buy an album in order to express their displeasure about it. This album is seemingly only earth-shattering for the masturbatory musician that released it. Even for fans of the Mars Volta, it's just business as usual. For interests sake, this is one to leave well alone.

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