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Album Review
Mister Pop

Mister Pop
by The Clean

Arch Hill Records

Review Date
3rd May 2010
Reviewed by

I've purposely been putting off reviewing Mister Pop after a summer of high rotate abuse left me at the dizzy heights of pop bliss.

Now that we are settling into the coming winter its the perfect time to revisit and relive the warmth this album bought.

Songs on this album seem to just hint at an idea, a simple lyric and a rolling guitar line, somewhat hypnotic in the way your mind dives deeper into the songs on each passing revolution. It's light and delicate in approach but there's this underlining, almost swirling lift throughout.

Songs like "Are You Really On Drugs" and "In The Dreamlife You Need A Rubber Soul" show the absolute songwriting power of The Clean, with 30 odd years, and an ever changing music world around them, they sound as relevant and forward thinking as ever.

Get this album before the end of the day.

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