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Album Review
Symptoms Of Psychopathology

Symptoms Of Psychopathology
by Backyard Burial


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Nich Cunningham

Backyard Burial are a band from Lower Hutt. In case you don't know, Lower Hutt is a place near Wellington where you get beaten up for looking through the front window of a bar, where Graham Burton was hanging when he decided to execute a jogger and was at one point the youth crime capital of New Zealand. And Backyard Burial are Lower Hutt Grind Scum. So much so that what was once their website ( is now actually a website for backyard burial.

Symptoms Of Psychopathology is Backyard's latest release. I think it came out late last year. Mixed and mastered by Blood Dusters Jason PC , its probably their flashiest offering to date. And its damn good. And I'm not just saying that because I got a free copy. I'm saying that because its iconically Backyard Burial.

Over their ten year history, Backyard have carved themselves a certain bloody niche: the de rigueur blast beats , big meaty slabs of guitar with some kind of tortured farm animal vocalising over the top. You don't listen to Backyard Burial, rather you invite them into your home where they beat you up and force you to take drugs. And somehow you enjoy it.

If you like metal, you should get this record. If you don't like metal - you should get this record. Because its fucked up and it will make you feel normal. And if you don't want to feel normal, it will certainly help.

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