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Album Review
Like A Light EP

Like A Light EP
by City Oh Sigh

Home Alone Music

Review Date
26th April 2011
Reviewed by
Brannavan Gnanalingam

Few bands in recent times have had such an evocative name. City Oh Sigh is perhaps a perfect name for this Wellington trio – the wistfulness and nostalgia invoked matches the band’s beautiful songs. City Oh Sigh’s debut EP is excellent. Simple but evocative melodies, an expert use of the cello and rhodes in particular, and gorgeous harmonies all make this a particularly enjoyable listen. It’s undeniably earnest, and for those after a little bite might struggle to find it here – but for those who are happy with good music, the Like a Light EP is more than worth its price.

‘Blow My Mind’ contains beautiful runny cello, guitar, and keyboard lines. The production is warm, and the song feels like a summer breeze. But there’s a loneliness to vocalist Kate Uhe’s invocation to “blow my mind”, which is a little unsettling. ‘Dear Friend’ is topnotch, and shows the band’s ability to nail a melody. It steers clear of mawkishness by its unobtrusive cello and subtle crescendos. The well-calculated harmonies work wonders. ‘Crumbling’ contains fragile rhythms and vocalist Kate Uhe’s most naked vocal performance. ‘My Love Has Gone’ is a little static, in comparison to the rest of the EP, but it’s a nice little pause before the ripper of a finale. ‘Still Let Me Go’ contains haunting cello work, a nice little bit of colouring by the trumpet, and an intriguing melody. The climax is well-earned, and concludes the EP most nicely. Like a Light EP is a brief little calling card for City Oh Sigh, but one can only hope on the basis of the music contained, that it leads to further things.


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