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Chess Wars by Modern Era

Modern Era
2010 Chess Wars
Such strange creatures we are... Human beings!

Given such a beautiful thing, if we only had one life, one chance to be here, would we keep the habits of the past or learn new ways? Every human being deserves the chance to give life the best go!

This collection of video images, does not represent a particular political view or standpoint. It is both graphic and at times unnerving. It was not set out to be that way, in the creation process things tend to take on their way and become what they need to be. It is simply a strange and very unproductive part of our existence on planet earth.

There are many places around the world with much pain and unrest, many atrocities have, are and unfortunately will be committed until we start to tolerate only leadership with integrity!

It is interesting to note, how easy it is to watch the life of another extinguished. Often far to early and often at the hand of another fellow human. Or how we get some sort of innate pleasure in watching some thing be blown up or destroyed.

Images of every kind and hundreds if not thousands of years of information permeate throughout ciber space, its not hard to find anything and it makes sense. We really cannot and will not be censored, the truth and the non-truth are everywhere and plain to see, how we filter and deal with it seems to be the habit in need of attention.

No one persons or groups can be blamed, our evolution and how we as society and individuals move forward is in direct proportion to the choices we make today.

Do we choose to ignore? Or, is the choice first acceptance?? maybe that is half the battle...

Do with it what we will, we choose our leadership, it starts with us! What we are prepared to tolerate? We have all the power and we are all in this together. Making better choices and taking responsibility is just a natural organic progression towards the continuation of this amazing life and lives we have, it is a privilege to be here!

Old behaviors defy logic and good common sense. Maybe our collective common sense has been falling down? Either way our brothers and sisters of this world need us, we need them!

It seems now at least a change begun, communication through technology is bringing together a world from the comfort of home. We can chat to almost anyone, enjoy new cultures, old and new information and raise awareness of any issue. More needs fixing than most wish to admit, but it seems respectfully we are waking up. It starts with each of us, that's responsibility, the responsibility of acceptance, form there we can make better choices.