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Munt FM

Wellington, New Zealand

What are we about, what do we stand for, what will you hear, and what the f#@k does MUNT stand for? Lets start with the last one first; MUNT fm stands for Massey University Network Transmissions. We canít work out which came 1st the acronym or the name, we figure it's just one of the many secrets at MUNT fm that even the station Manager doesnít know. MUNT fm prides itself on being 100% commercial free, with a unique musical format and presenters unlike any other radio station in Wellington (some of them should really be committed) MUNT fm started broadcasting in February 2003 and is based in the heart of the Massey design campus in the Old Museum Building off Buckle Street. It is a department of the Massey Wellington Studentsí Association (aka MAWSA) who partly fund us, hence our ability to maintain our commercial free stance. We bring in some extra cash through show sponsorship so we can continue to grow and run wicked events around town. The MUNT fm shows are run entirely by volunteers and most of those are current students. Each DJ is responsible for the music, the content, and the style of their show meaning no show is the same; we have Punk shows, Reggae shows, Rock revival shows, Breaks, techno, D & B and most other ĎElectronicí styles, wicked indie shows and shows that are nearly impossible to categorise so thereís something for everyone, well except for you cheesy commercial pop feinds Ė Go find another radio station, we donít want you! If itís popular on the Edge, ZM, More fm, or any of other advertising absorbed stations then we donít do it, say it, or play it. There are the odd exceptions though, but thatís only when commercial radio pulls its finger out and plays something decent. All DJs are huge supporters of NZ music, local events & are passionate about their respective genres. If thereís a show you donít like, too bad, weíre not changing it Ė Music is our fuel! japanese collectable toys. Digisause

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