Guess Who's Coming To Town?

Guess Who's Coming To Town?

Thursday 26th November, 2015 11:27AM

Update: As you may have figured... it's Grant Hart! Head over here for the deets. 

We've caught wind of a nationwide tour being announced tomorrow, who also happens to be the headline act for next year's Woodcock Festival. So we put our heads together with the promotor to bring you this "unique" animated edition of Guess Who.

Take a swing at figuring out the Wangman puzzle below and leave your answer in the comments section. All will be revealed tomorrow morning...

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Grant Hart?
Posted by octopusgrrl 10 months ago
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Woodc**k is 100x the Festival that "McLaren Fails"/Echo could dream of being! Congrats Austin on the foreskin oops foresight.
Posted by Paul Valentine - anonymous 10 months ago
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If only it was Husker Du
Posted by SquirrelBait - anonymous 10 months ago
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Flogging a dead one horse town?
Posted by Sizzle chest - anonymous 10 months ago

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