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Listen: Fugazi - Merchandise (First Demo Version)

Listen: Fugazi - Merchandise (First Demo Version)

Tuesday 28th October, 2014 1:40PM

As announced last month, post-hardcore icons Fugazi are poised to release an album of their first ever recordings. The Washington D.C outfit tracked their first demo at Inner Ear Studio in 1988, after the group had only played 10 shows together. The full record, aptly titled First Demo, will see the light of day in mid-November, but in anticipation the group are treating fans to the searing initial recording of 'Merchandise', which popped its head up as a reworked version on 1990 album Repeater. Take a listen to the 26-year-old recording below....

The release of First Demo marks the end of the first phase of the Fugazi Live Series. Read more about that here.

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