Album Review

Another One

Another One

by Mac DeMarco

Captured Tracks
7.5 / 10
11th August 2015

Reviewed by Joshua Thomas

Another One is the second release from Canadian pepperoni playboy Mac Demarco this year, following fast on the heels of his instrumental release Some Other Ones. Laid down at his home in Queens, New York, this eight-track album album only took him four days to write and record, completed in-between his tour dates promoting 2014’s full-length offering Salad Days.

The result is very much what you would expect; reverb soaked, synth groovin’ and daydream-like. The difference here compared to prior releases though, is that Another One feels like you’re having a heart-to-heart conversation with an old friend.

Part of Mr. DeMarco’s success lies in his charm. His persona has been central to his career thus far. Goofy and offbeat, DeMarco’s antics could (and have) been drawn up to performance. But as can be discovered on Another One, the 25-year-old shows signs of maturity and that his kooky yet sensitive nature isn’t just for show. “Must be another one, must be another one she loves,” Demarco sincerely laments on the title track.

Glimmering guitar noodles are ever plentiful throughout the release and his trademark sound carries over once again. This is certainly not a bad thing, if anything it is commendable. Demarco writes and records his music himself and what he produces is a genuine reflection of himself. In all of it’s brevity, Another Day is a consistent if not slightly fantastic release from an artist who is yet to disappoint, but also yet to fully bloom.