Album Review

Oczy Mlody

Oczy Mlody

by The Flaming Lips

Warner Bros / Bella Union
9 / 10
1st February 2017

Reviewed by Rebecca White

Four years after unveiling The Terror, long time super trippers The Flaming Lips have released their 14th studio album Oczy Mlody (don’t ask me to gracefully pronounce that). They do not stray far away from their psychedelic space opera vibe; but Oczy Mlody manages to present it in a mature but still emotionally electric package. It’s more chill-wave than out-and-out hyped wackiness, gentle interludes and sonic soundscapes make for a lovely canvas for Wayne Coyne’s voice. He seems to wrap you up and take you to another dimension.

Musically it absolutely has The Flaming Lips sound, but they have managed to really find some new, understated territory that really works for them. Perhaps their previous recordings with other artists opened up some new idea vaults, Miley Cyrus even sneaks in on closing track ‘We A Family’ and you can’t fault it (/notice it’s her). A beautiful album from a group of beautiful souls trying to make the world more beautiful (and trippy) place.