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An Emerald City

About An Emerald City from Auckland

Since their inception in late 2005, Auckland band An Emerald City have strived for musical experimentation and liberation. Organic instrumentation and sounds of the east meet psychedelia with guitars and violin are at the centre of this original and unique 6 piece.

The summer of 2007/2008 unleashed an array of summer performances that included the likes of: Soundsplash, Rhythm and Vines, bfm’s Summer Series and Shore Sounds. Womad saw An Emerald City perform to over 1200 people across their two performances. This is also where NZers and the world got their first opportunity to purchase a slice of An Emerald City - their debut self titled ep - if you missed out, never fear, now is your chance to get a piece of this truly original band.

The 4 track ep features two of the bnet favourites ‘Qing Song’ (also featured as Karen Walker’s opening track at New York Fashion Week this year) and ‘A Thousand Stars At Night’ recorded at Clockwork Studios in Auckland with Nick Taylor. The ep also includes 2 new songs ‘Mr. Finn’ and the new single ‘A Question’ recorded at Roundhead Studios with Liam Finn and Jol Mulholland. The sriking original artwork is by Mr. Will Handley.

An Emerald City is:
Ede - lute/sitar; Reyahn - drums/tablas, Sam – guitars, Reuben – guitars, Felix - violin.

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Monkey Records

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Interesting performance at Summer Series yesterday - the new tracks suggest a change of direction toward experimental music without explicit Eastern influences - is there a new album in the pipeline?

By the way you guys are a revelation for the NZ music scene - keep it up!!

Posted by Matt anonymous 4 years ago

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novemeber i believe

Posted by sam 4 years ago

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when r u guys coming back??

Posted by manda (annan) 4 years ago

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This band kicks arse. The right mix of well crafted songs and crazed space exploration. Do yourself a favour and get the record!

Having said that, i sincerely wish a vicious buggering by a rabid warthog on you Ruthless. Go back to the swamp you came from and listen to your knuckle dragging bullshit music. Stop bothering these forums.

Posted by thetummybugs 4 years ago

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