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Interview: Camera Obscura

Interview: Camera Obscura

Wednesday 23rd December, 2009 12:00AM

If only more bands were like Camera Obscura. Full of gorgeous melodies, stirring arrangements, and pointed lyrics, the Glaswegian band have been winning hearts with their four near faultless albums. However it was their third and fourth albums which have given the band their biggest boost – 2006’s Lets Get Out of This Country and 2009’s My Maudlin Career. With a richer sound, and more assured song-writing, singer/song-writer Tracyanne Campbell’s cynical and jaded observations sound even fiercer and are finally getting critics and audiences dropping the erroneous ‘twee’ associations which have plagued the band since starting in the late 1990s. Returning to New Zealand for the first time since 2007 to play a double-billed show with The Books, I catch up with guitarist Kenny McKeeve.

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Camera Obscura

Mon 18th Jan - The Monte Cristo Room - Auckand - with support from Slow Club (UK)
Tue 19th Jan - SFBH - Wellington - with support from The Books (US)

Tickets to both shows on sale now from UTR.

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Mon 18th Jan
Monte Cristo Room, Auckland
Tue 19th Jan
The San Francisco Bath House, Wellington