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  • When you buy tickets through you get an ETicket that you print out or bring on your web-ready mobile and present at the gig to gain entry.
  • A record of your purchase will be on a door list at the venue where your ETicket(s) will be scanned and/or scratched from the door list.
  • You can buy up to five tickets at a time just make sure to provide copies (if printed) to those who will not be going to the gig with you.

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King Brothers + The DHDFDs - Summer Family Tour
French For Rabbits - Spirits Album Release Tour
Dictaphone Blues - Mufti Day Tour
Sage Francis - Copper Gone Tour 2014

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Desecration Of The Capital V
Wellington (3 days from now)
Cabaret Jazz A Gogo
Dunedin (10 days from now)
Music Is Dead - Night Two
Auckland (3 days from now)

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