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Rapid Copy

223 Thorndon Quay 223 Thorndon Quay, Pipitea, Wellington 6011

When we have a digital file what is to the correct specifications, we will start the printing process.
First, we create a physical proof, to make sure that the layout is correct and that print settings are also correct.

Upon completion, the job is checked by hand to make sure that there is no issue with any of individual units. If a unit does not meet our scrutiny, we will print it again.

This method ensures that our customers are always happy with the printing they receive.

Getting material and products that you want printing mostly has to happen towards to end of your project. At this point, time is usually short and the deadlines tights.

At Rapidcopy, we understand, and we make your deadlines ours. Because of this, we aim to turnaround most jobs with 24-hours or less and have procedures and practices in place to make sure we can achieve this.

A key component in this is that we have enough printers so that each printer has one other printer that can be used as back up in case it goes down and ensures we can keep printing even when we are waiting for a machine to get repaired.

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