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Trident Sound Studios

65 Martin Square, Wellington

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Trident Sound Studios is the new partnership between Mike Gibson and Andrew Downes. Combining the resources of Inca Produc¬tions and Mediate Recording. With experienced audio engineers and the best technology, Trident provides everything needed for any audio project. We have a range of services for those wanting to make quality recordings. We have 3 different spaces to record in, 2 complete control rooms to listen in, analogue and digital recording, a lounge/dining area, a kitchen, oh and 3 other rooms that you can rent if you want to work on your own project and be surrounded by like-minded people. Our company provides its services to a loyal client base of industry professionals including record companies, corporates and musicians.

Trident has 3 different sounding areas to record in. From a small vocal booth to a vault that is excellent for drums to a large live room that can accommodate up to 20 people. Trident has it covered. Trident has 2 ProTools systems and 2 control rooms. We have both HD TDM and LE we also have an Ampex MM 1200 2" 16 track analog recorder for those of you who want to use tape. Our micro¬phone collection is many and varied and should certainly cover anything you need.

Trident Sound Studios offer the choice of mixing within the box (ProTools, Logic etc) or the more traditional way using a mixing con¬sole. We can provide up to 32 channels of Trident console and plenty of outboard. If you wish to remain within the digital environ¬ment we have a number of the high end and more popular RTAS and TDM plugins. Coming within the next year, the ability to mix in surround.

Mike has mastered more than 100 projects and has put together a great collection of both analogue and digital equipment so you can have your project mastered professionally. Whether its the restoration of a recording made 50 years ago or an album made in your bedroom we can make it sound brand new.

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