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108-114 Jervois Road, Herne Bay, Auckland, New Zealand

Stebbings core philosophy is that quality is the basis of our business. Quality of both product and customer service.

This, we believe is without doubt the fundamental reason for our continued success and year on year growth in an often difficult market.

Stebbing Recording Centre Ltd remains a private, family owned and operated business. Stebbings started in 1946 with a recording studio and record distribution business. A record pressing plant was commissioned in 1950 and a new studio built in 1970. This operation was extended in 1980 to incorporate an Audio Cassette Duplication plant and 2 additional Recording Studios. Australasia's first digital high speed audio tape duplication system was installed in 1990.

The business became more diversified in 1995 with the addition of Video Duplication facilities with 2 high speed Sony Sprinter systems were installed.

Further expansion took place in 1999 with the addition of our new custom designed building to house the CD Replication plant which was officially opened by New Zealand's Prime Minister at the time the Rt Hon Jenny Shipley in March of that year.

Additional plant has since been installed in this building for DVD Replication. We have 2 production lines with all the ancillary facilities required for glass mastering, replication of DVD 5,9 and 10, cmyk offset or screen printing and final packaging.

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