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Floris Vanhoof Exhibition - Kraus

Wed Nov 7th, 2018
Audio Foundation,

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We are pleased to celebrate the opening of the first exhibition of Floris Vanhoof’s work in Aotearoa.

Floris’ work combines homemade musical circuits with abandoned projection technologies for audiovisual installations, expanded cinema performances and music releases.
Translating one medium to another in order to explore how perception operates and which new perspectives appear.

In his multi-media work, Fluid Computer, a rotating loudspeaker acts as a cybernetic monolith, projecting digitally filtered noise.

“This installation uses the digital noise, such as the computer code that flows through our internet cables, as raw material. By filtering these information pulses and feeding them back to the input the sound is coloured and we seem to recognise a pattern in the noise. What normally happens behind the scenes of our computer is scattered here in space by the rotating Leslie loudspeaker.”

The title of this work is inspired by a passage from the book ‘The Pattern on the Stone’ by inventor W. Daniel Hillis. The word ‘computer’ usually refers to an electronic digital device.

“In The Pattern on the Stone, I learned about the existence of computers in which water flows instead of electrons. This ‘liquid computer’ serves as a source of inspiration for deconstructing the ubiquitous algorithmic machine, and for new technologies to be revived through untracked sidetracks.”

In Talking Gongs, two resonating gongs hang in two cubical frames functioning like loudspeaker membranes, translating pre-recorded vibrations into sound. These waves originate in small electronic circuits before being translated outwards by the large physical objects. As the signal alternates between both gongs, the disk shapes seem to communicate with each other.

“With this installation, I found a way to translate the electronic sounds that I play on homemade musical circuits to a gallery/ installation context. The vibrations make reverb while travelling through the shiny metal alloy of the gongs, which enhances our spatial sense of the two-dimensional disks floating in the cubes.”

Featuring performances by Floris Vanhoof and Kraus:

Floris will perform with a brainwave-controlled 16mm projector and modular analogue synth.

Kraus will perform “Romantic Love: A Mammalian Brain System for Partner Selection”, a sonic mapping of the neurochemical processes of romantic love, composed for homemade, hybrid analogue/digital synthesizer.

Floris will also screen two additional 16mm films:

Dinosaurs (16mm, b/w, 10 minutes)
This film was made by placing view master reels of dinosaurs and bugs onto 16mm film in the darkroom. The idea to make this film comes from the impossibility to film living species.

Dual Universal (16mm, b/w, 5 minutes)
A loud flashing maze as the way electronics travel inside my instruments. Made by placing the inside of my synthesizer on top of 16mm film. All sound is made with Serge dual universal slope generator

Opens – Wednesday 7 November, 5.30pm (w. refreshments from Liberty Brewing Company)
Hours – Tuesday – Saturday, 12.00pm – 4.00pm.
Closes – Saturday 1 December, 4.00pm

alternative, art/noise, edm, electronic, Floris Vanhoof, Kraus

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