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Fri Jan 18th, 2019
Wairoa Gorge,
Nelson, Nelson

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Multi genre Bass and LIve Music celebration, to bring music lovers together amongst the top of the South Island NZ nature over 3nights n 4 days.

Kiaora Whanau.

Cymatic FREQS is here to share the love of music, to whom appreciate what a gathering of people with like minded interests is for. Vibration - Frequency - Visual - CYMATICS
CymaticS personally sees the advantages of such gatherings as a time to give back to the earth and cosmos with our emense energy created during and around the festival. With all positive vibes essential for growth.

Food and Market area

A designated area for sharing and selling your arts and craft work available for those wanting too share there creations.

We will have live stone carving near by done by the lovely Alice Latham

A CymaticS safe/ chill tent will be available for the duration of the event. First Aid and Refreshments will be available also.

CymaticS is a smaller intimate event on the scale... Therefore we incourage you Be safe, take care of your peers and others. We want everyone looking out for everyone. Vibe Hard,Play Hard. Vibe Safe, Play Safe. Water onsite but bring extra.
This is a no Dog or Glass event... SECURITY will be on site for this event.... Glass will be confiscated and if warned on more than the one occasion, sercurity will have you removed from site after an assessment of the situation.
Basically dont be a dick! :)

Jump in the native NZ bush and dance.
One Main Stage (Solfeggio) will be pushing out sound 24/7 with a wide range of Electronic and Live acts to keep you and your friends entertained for the extent of the festival.
A small 3k zone ( Chill ) will work in providing alternative options adjacent to the Solfeggio Zone.


Genres to make you squeeze yaself into a visual frenzy.

Cymatic FREQZ nz is very happy and incredibly humbled to announce this equally humbling Full Solfeggio line up :)


~{ Grouch in Dub }~ World Shanti Planti electronic psy-dub
~{ Soulware }~ NZ Organik _ Audio organik electronic dub/dnb
~{ B-Syde }~ AUS Live solo Electronic loops
~{ SARU G}~ NZ solo conscious hip hop
~{ Optimist Mind }~ NZ solo concious hip hop
~{ Soul Kitchen NZ }~ NZ West Coast exp rock/ dub
~{ Totara Collectivelective }~ NZ Golden Bay psy rock
~{ Loco Motives }~ NZ WLG hip hop collab
~{ also solo performances by Soulware members }~ NZ acoustic


~{ Grouch } NZ Zenon Records techno/prog
~{ Smilk }AUS Smilkmusic techno/ prog
~{ Pspiralifealife } AUS Zenon dark prog/psy
~{ KODIAK KID } AUS Addictech Records addictive bass music
~{ Complement / DeepNotic CHL/NZ Zenon tech/prog
~{ ISM }~ NZ Additech, Organik Audio bass music
~{ Auramechanic }~ AUS Plasma Audio bass music
~{ Sub_Conscious } NZ Shanti Planti psy-dub/glitch whomp
~{ Filthy Tomo } NZ Open Records voodoo tech
~{ Elbow }~ AUS Digital Whomp glitch whomp
~{ Charlie B }~NZ aka Optimus Gryme is Dead, Noise Zealand dnb/half
aka The Anxients
~{ Bellatrixx }~ AUS Universal Tribe dark prog
~{ Alion }~ NZ Totally Roasted Digital dnb/half
~{ Habit }~ NZ Mayan Audio dnb/ mid
~{ Unsub }~ NZ Section 8 dnb/exp
~{ MISKO }~ CHL/ NZ Technophobia Records techno
~{ Olin }~ AUS Bassic Records, Technophobia techno
~{ Warp }~ NZ electro/ tech house
~{ Ruru }~ NZ dub/prog
~{ Monkey Paws }~ AUS/NZ psy techno/prog
~{ Aleckat }~ AUS dark techno
~{ Legobreaks }~ NZ dub/dnb duo live vocals
~{ Hynotoad }~ NZ prog/psybreaks
~{ Stand & Deliver }~ NZ aka Duo Alias techno
~{ Civil Din }~ NZ dnb rollaz
~{ SolidState }~ NZ dnb/half/bass music
~{ Obay }~ NZ filf dnb
~{ Luccid }~ NZ breakbeats/dnb
~{ Rasponsable }~ NZ liquid dnb
~{ M-Phonik )~ AUS/NZ dub roots/jungle
~{ Bushman }~ NZ dub
~{ HGZ }~ NZ bass music
~{ Dead Space Collective }~ NZ dnb/half
~{ Slyzzles }~ NZ progressive dnb
~{ AMANITA }~ NZ psy-dub
~{ IKM }~ NZ psytrance
~{ NUGZ }~ NZ liquid dnb
~{ SHINY FX }~ NZ glitch whomp
~{ CRYSTAL OF CROM }~ NZ techno
~{ CAPENSIS }~ NZ techno
~{ HIPPIECRITE }~ NZ hi-tech psy
~{ FRACTIKA }~ NZ forest psy
~{ MARCHBANK }~ NZ minimal techno
~{ D V S }~ NZ dnb/half
~{ PIXCIL }~ NZ glitch whomp
~{ EROS }~ NZ liquid dnb & live vocals
~{ HATH }~ NZ psybiant bass music
~{ CLEANKUT }~ NZ hip hop/hi-tech
~{ DELT4 9 }~ NZ dubstep/half

second zone line up closer to event.
Also looking for visual artist to help with projection..

60 early bird tickets available onl
Early Birds = $45
1st Round = $70
2nd Round = $85

Apply/ enquire via personal msg Cymatic FREQZ nz or email

acoustic/solo, dj, edm, electronic, hip hop/rnb, metal, reggae/dub, rock, soul/funk, world, Grouch, Soulware, Grouch & Dub

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