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Seven Quick Questions... Shocking Pinks

Seven Quick Questions... Shocking Pinks

Thursday 26th November, 2015 12:33PM

Shocking Pinks are back on home soil after an extensive tour that has taken the act all around the world since they departed New Zealand in early September. The global jaunt, which took helmsman Nick Harte and bandmates Ash Smith and Cory Champion through locales like Beijing, Amsterdam and Seattle over the last few months, was timed to coincide with the vinyl re-issue of Shocking Pinks' seminal dance-punk debut album Dance The Dance Electric which was originally released in 2004. UnderTheRadar got in contact with Harte while he was on the road to ask a few questions in anticipation of the final tour leg that will see the group play eight dates around the country in coming weeks...

1. Hey Nick! How is the world tour going? What’s been the highlight so far?

Tour is going swimmingly thanks. Highlights thus far have included Dongcheng Hutong dogs, being blessed by a Siberian Shaman in Guangzhou, witnessing the progression of Borrowed CS’ new edits/material, Renaissance art in Dijon, playing multiple shows with the Dope Body guys in Europe/USA, Actress live in Salford, ten-pin bowling in Lille and glow-in-the-dark monster mini-golf in Baltimore, Peter Brotzmann live at Café Oto in London, catching the Filipino melodrama Insiang at MOMA in NYC, playing with TV Baby in NYC and meeting all the incredible people along the way.

2. You are touring with Ash and Cory, how did you assemble that line up?

Ian [Jorgensen aka Blink] is to blame, bless him. The line-up was assembled just prior to the last Camp A Low Hum.

3. The tour is obviously happening in conjunction with the vinyl release of your debut album Dance The Dance Electric. How does it feel listening back to an album you wrote and recorded more than a decade ago? Is there anything you would change/do differently in retrospect?

Well, I prefer not listening back to any of my music but I had to when the test pressings arrived and it was like staring into a mirror for 45 mins; it felt like someone had stolen my soul. In saying that I wouldn’t alter a thing (it is what it is).

4. Since writing Dance The Dance Electric how has your approach to the writing/recording process changed, if at all?

I’d hope that it’s constantly evolving/progressing but I will always be attracted to fundamentally the same sounds/production ideals. I’m really anticipating utilizing my new 303 (and newly cleaned 4-track) on my return to NZ.

5. In your musical career to date, what are you most proud of?

Being asked to manage Matt Middleton.

6. A bunch of great artists recently remixed the songs from Dance The Dance Electric for an album called Wake Up Children. Are there any particular reworkings that stand out, or took you by surprise in the way they were executed?

They’re all amazing in very different ways. I find what Keepsakes, Borrowed CS, Abstract Mutation and Cave Circles produced really cool along with everything else.

7. What do you hope the next 10 years have in store?

I want to be surprised.

Shocking Pinks - Dance The Dance Electric Tour

Friday 27th November, Secret Location, Wellington
Thursday 3rd December, The Lyttelton Coffee Co, Lyttelton
Friday 4th December, Barrytown Hall, Barrytown
Saturday 5th December, Tim’s Place, Marahau
Friday 11th December, Darkroom, Christchurch
Saturday 12th December, Chicks Hotel, Dunedin
Friday 18th December, TBA, Whanganui
Saturday 19th December, The Kings Arms, Auckland