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Seven Quick Questions... My Disco

Seven Quick Questions... My Disco

Interviewed by
Ben Coley
Tuesday 23rd February, 2016 12:33PM

Melbourne three-piece MY DISCO last played in New Zealand at Campus A Low Hum in 2011. It’s a gig which has stuck with me. I remember it fondly for its minimalist outlook yet monstrous intensity. So it’s with great excitement that they are returning here for Auckland and Wellington shows later this week.

These shows came on the back of last year's fourth album Severe. It’s a dramatic change from the Steve Albini produced albums Little Joy (2010) and Paradise (2008). This time they got in acclaimed film composer Cornel Wilczek on production duties, and have released an album which is an all-out brutal attack on the senses. It’s an uncompromising, stark and a beautifully difficult listen. In anticipation of their visit, UnderTheRadar asked guitarist Ben Andrews a few questions about Severe, band longevity and what we can expect from the upcoming shows....

1. Severe is dark unsettling and unrelenting. It is an overhaul of your sound from previous album Little Joy, yet it still encapsulates the essence of MY DISCO. Did you have the idea to create something so dark from the outset or did it just come about through the writing and recording process?

When we write for a new record, our idea is usually to do something completely different and separate from previous output. It is much more exciting for us, and Severe was written in a short space of time (a few months) which gave it an overall sound that we are really happy with. Bleak / Dark / Heavy / Intense were all words used to describe what we wanted to achieve on this album. I believe we got there.

2. The album has a different feel to your previous work, how did the recording and production differ on Severe?

Cornel (our engineer) is really great at working with us, his process is very different to the likes of Albini of course, as it is a very different studio. I personally love working with Cornel as it feels like more of a collaboration rather than the standardised band versus producer / engineer scenario.

3. Little Joy came out back in 2010, was there any reasons for the five year gap? And did you guys get up to much between the records?

We toured a lot. Then we took a break, then we tried out some very different musical ideas that we ended up not using for various reasons. Then we took another break. We were all living in different countries when the writing process began for Severe, so time was of the essence. I like writing a record in a short amount of time; it gives the material a certain sense of urgency about it, and a similar feel, which was very important on this record.

4. You’ve been a band for 13 years now, how have you grown as a band and what do you think has been the key for your longevity?

Our sound has developed from our post-punk roots into something much larger and vastly different obviously. That in and of itself, is the key to longevity with MY DISCO. The constant evolving nature of the band and the willingness of its members mean we will be around forever, ha.

5. You guys are based in Melbourne, how has the music scene and culture changed and differ from when you started and what state is it in now? What are some positives and negatives?

Melbourne has always had a very passionate and lively independent music scene. It’s one of the many reasons this city is so great, and often leaves a good impression on people. Lots of venues that differ in their taste and outlook, along with lots of active and talented bands make for a vibrant music culture here. When we started this band, there was a good movement of underground bands making interesting and diverse music and being very active that is not as much represented today. Melbourne is a city in constant flux which is great to see. I think it can only get better as time goes on.

6. Other than the upcoming New Zealand shows what do you have planned for the rest of 2016?

After New Zealand, we do Japan and Taiwan. After that, we do Europe and the UK. After that, we do North America. Busy.

7. You were last in New Zealand for Campus A low Hum back in 2011. Do you have fond memories of those shows? And for people who haven’t experienced MY DISCO live what can they expect?

We love CALH. I think I personally have been three times to Camp at two different locations out there, always had a blast. MY DISCO live can be a challenging and visceral experience for the uninitiated.

MY DISCO will be performing with Lucy Cliche this Friday 26th February at the Kings Arms Tavern in Auckland, and then on Saturday 27th February at San Fran in Wellington. Head over here for more information and to buy tickets.


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