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Here's Five: Yumi Zouma

Here's Five: Yumi Zouma

Monday 2nd May, 2016 11:00AM

Yumi Zouma are preparing to drop their debut album Yoncalla at the end of the month, but before that happens they are hitting the road with Arch Hill labelmates Doprah for a nationwide tour. The four-date jaunt will no doubt see the group treating audiences to songs from the forthcoming record - two of which were unveiled last month.

Yoncalla follows on from a string of hugely successful EPs from Yumi Zouma, but unlike those earlier efforts recording the LP saw the group working together in the same room  - rather than from different sides of the planet - as guitarist Charlie Ryder explains: "The process was different, and it can be scary to present raw ideas to your friends ‐ but it’s also incredible to see songs evolve through the sparks of inspiration that bounce between people in the same room". In anticipation of the album's release we asked the four-piece to share some the songs that inspired them during the writing of the album, and here's what they came up with...

1. The Naenae Express - 'Sea Anemone'

I don't know how I came to discover this song but I'm so glad I did, as it's become one of my go-to feel-good songs. I think the Naenae Express are a band or a solo project from Auckland, and that the name is some kind of cricket reference? If it is, then I'm sure Josh will be very ashamed that I am clueless about it. Anyway - I hope to someday see them live because I adore this track. I love the chord progression, the drums, and especially the singer's vocal style. That weird melody in the middle of the song before the guitar solo gets me every time. I'm also a big advocate for songs about Actiniaria - Charlie

2. Carly Simon - 'You're So Vain'

Our last tour of 2015 consisted of a lot of traveling in a short period of time. I think I counted that we had 16 flights in three weeks. I was pretty wrecked - I got really sick in Auckland, and having to play under lights is so hard when you've ill! Charlie's girlfriend Emily did this song at karaoke in Tokyo. It was such an amazing night that it got me really excited for finishing our album and creating new memories with my buds, the Yumis. I asked Matthew Crawley if he liked this song - he replied: 'Yeah, but I can't help but get the feeling it's about me' - Josh

3. Banff - 'The Great Unknown'

Banff is a place in Canada, but it is also someone from Brisbane - apparently, "Benjamin Forbes the former front-man of Brisbane group Little Casino". I heard this song on an Air New Zealand flight during the last Yumi dates in NZ, and tried to find out what it was as we were landing. It was also one of the first times I had used Shazam as well, which is an amazing app! I had my phone in Airplane Mode, and I couldn't believe that this great little app recorded the audio, saving it until I had service again to search for the name of the song. What amazing times we live in. Thanks Air New Zealand for being the hot and hip tastemaker you forever will be - Sam

4. Ariana Grande - 'One Last Time'

I think I can safely say we're all fans of Ariana, and this is one of her best tracks. We've listened to this driving through the northwest states of the USA, sung it loudly and with great abandon in Tokyo - that very same aforementioned night of karaoke - and quoted it to each other in everyday conversation. It is a fantastic pop song with a fantastic pre-chorus and heart-breaking lyrics, and I can safely say this is what got me hooked on Ariana Grande - Christie

5. Pixx - 'A Way To Say Goodbye'

Maybe the coolest song of 2014, fantastic verse melody, random pre chorus, and 100% banging chorus. I would've thought that none of it would work but it does, which always makes for the best tracks. Listening to this reminds me of watching John Le Carre-inspired made-for-TV films, or that feeling you get while walking in the rain when you're wearing a big coat and you feel like a spy. Very on a needs-to-know basis - Sam

Yumi Zouma
are hitting the road with Doprah for a four-date tour next month, head over here for more information and to buy tickets.


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