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Video: Delaney Davidson - Somethings Wrong (UTR Premiere)

Video: Delaney Davidson - Somethings Wrong (UTR Premiere)

Monday 23rd May, 2016 1:29PM

Purveyor of lo-fi loops Delaney Davidson has unveiled an new video for 'Somethings Wrong', a punchy cut plucked from last year's excellent album Lucky Guy. Somewhat of an analogue man in a digital world, Davidson plays with the concept of time in this new clip, moving at a leisurely pace while his companion operates on a completely different level altogether. The troubadour, who is currently en route to the European summer, wrote alongside the clip: "When life moves at different speeds, how do people ever catch each other? Can a one trick pony teach it to an old dog?". Watch below and then have a read through our wee interview with Delaney...


I love the video and the idea of people moving at different paces. What brought these thoughts to mind? There seems to be a bit of a dig at technology in the clip, does that speak to the current pace of life that surrounds you?

The dig at technology is an interesting take on it, but it was very unintentional if that comes across as the message, I guess what I was getting at isn't even a dig at anything specific but just the feeling of being separated by a lot of things; age, distance, mentality, metabolic rate, outlook, background etc. We are all somehow so different even though we all share the basic body structure and genetic codes.. amazing how we all have such specific characters. I read somewhere, (I think it was a Paul Auster book) that if you take two photos of different people you will notice all the differences, yet if you take 1000 photos of different people you will notice all the similarities. I think this Film was an idea revolving around two things: A look at how two co-existing view points can also be contradictory, (some sort of wierd synonymous symbiosis), and the other idea is more a question; Are these two characters even in the same time or are they just each creating the other to complete the conversation.

The concept has been captured well, while maintaining a lo-fi aesthetic that is present in a lot of your videos, like ‘Broken Wheel’ for example. But this might be a little more “polished up”. How did it all come together??

Aha! This was the combination of different cameras. One is shot in Hi definition and one is shot on a smaller lo res camera, I wanted to combine these for a while and this was the first time I actually did it. The idea is an objective P.O.V and something that is more subjective to help give it some flavour or colouring, as well as attaching it to the characters. While this was my aim it wasn't something I wanted to make too obvious. Overlaying these two different looks worked really well and I thought definitely added to the success of the story.

What have you got on the cards for the rest of 2016?

Well the rest of 2016 holds some travel in it. But then most years do. I am in Los Angeles at the moment developing a show for Manos del Chango at Arts Festivals using these films I have been dabbling in. It will include versions of European and Mexican Folk Stories filmed in a mixture of the old German Expressionist style and home made film. July and August we will be touring Europe, and September I will be in Tennessee for the Muddy Roots Festival and some writing in Nashville. October will be time touring Manos del Chango in NZ. We play Nelson Arts fest and are talking to Hawkes Bay, we will bring this show to the Auckland's Winecellar for two nights (Oct 8th and 9th), Wellington's Meow (Oct 21st), and of course the Wunderbar in Lyttelton (Oct 29th). November isn't definite yet.. but Mexico was spoken of a few times..


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