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Video: Minor Victories - Cogs

Video: Minor Victories - Cogs

Tuesday 2nd August, 2016 3:37PM

Minor Victories have unveiled an ominous new video for their song 'Cogs', plucked from their self-titled debut album released earlier this year. The group, which boasts a line-up of Rachel Goswell (Slowdive), Stuart Braithwaite (Mogwai), Justin Lockey (Editors), and his brother James Lockey (Hand Held Cine Club), together conjure up a brilliant brand of gloomy cinematic shoegaze. This mood carries over to their visual efforts, as exemplified by this new black-and-white video, that was crafted by the Lockey siblings, and shows a man running through the woods trying desperately to escape a gunman. James explains the concept as thus:

"We’re now living in a society where it feels acceptable to be able to target the weak and more vulnerable, with a sense of our collective social consciousness being eroded, the media overlords giving the thumbs up to fuck us all over hand in hand with current governments, there will be a turning point, there will be light and the cloaked figures that keep us looking over our shoulders will take aim and miss."

Watch the video below...


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