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Video: Draghound - Flange In The Bedroom (UTR Premiere)

Video: Draghound - Flange In The Bedroom (UTR Premiere)

Thursday 25th August, 2016 11:24AM

We were elated to stumble upon psychedelic four-piece Draghound earlier this month when they unveiled their instrumental single 'Flange In The Bedroom', so when they offered us the opportunity to premiere the accompanying video we jumped at the chance. The lush looking clip was created up in the hills of Wellington, and shows the city glittering below while the band do what they do best - jam out some beautiful progressive psych music. Watch the clip and then read our wee interview with frontwoman Emerald Rose...

Hey! The video looks great. Can you tell us a bit about where it was filmed and how it all came together?

My friend Ben Woollen had a small window of spare time and offered to do a video. Right from the start with Draghound there’s never been any pressure to do things a certain way or to appeal to anyone in particular. So when I got excited about the idea of dancing in the forest in the dark, and the band and Ben liked it, there was never any reason to question it. Plus when booze and food is up for grabs I think we’re all keen... It might sound cheesy as hell, but it feels really freeing to just dance. So we dragged our instruments up into a forest on a freezing night, lit candles and a fire, played, danced and had a good time being the weirdos we are. We filmed it at the nearby Steiner school in a pine forest, and there were these amazing festival props there that were too good not to use, like a papier mâché bull's head and a dragon head. It really was freezing as hell so we filmed in one evening in record time! (except the gat solo).

A mention must go to Dan Harris for helping film and Ben Woollen from Chasing Time for filming and editing!

What were you hoping the clip would convey in terms of mood and aesthetics?

As our first video, and for the first track of the EP, I hoped to capture us as a band, and what we are like as musicians and people. It’s cool how you can see our personalities through things like, John's sexy dancing with the bull head, Stenn's bass groove with his Paul McCartney swag, Helen's crazy dancing and sly smiles and my bizarre homemade pink crocodile dress - that is actually surprisingly warm and comfortable. As far as mood goes, I think it’s something like that great feeling that goes along with doing whatever you want.

‘Flange In The Bedroom’ is an interesting title. Where did it come from?

It was partially inspired by my Flanger guitar pedal, which was a birthday present. I like that is has some oddly sexual vibe to the name, Flange in the Bedroom. I think John Lennon came up with the name Flanger for the sound of the effect, but it has this creamy vibe to it that makes me feel like I’m in a daydream. I feel in love with it straight away and wrote the basics of 'Flange in the Bedroom' the evening it arrived in the mail.

What’s up next for Draghound?

Well I’ve just made a bunch of tshirts, next I’m going to finish up this EP! And we have a show next month at Caroline on the 22nd Sep.


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Thu 22nd Sep
Caroline, Wellington