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Here's Five: The Coathangers

Here's Five: The Coathangers

Tuesday 27th September, 2016 3:48PM

Atlanta punks The Coathangers will be swinging into the country this weekend for two shows in support of their fifth studio album Nosebleed Weekend. Unleashed earlier this year via Suicide Squeeze Records, the album was laid down with Nic Jodoin (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Nightbeats) and is a fantastic addition to the trio's discography following on the heels of their 2014 offering Suck My Shirt.

In a nice piece of synchronicity the album's release also sees the trio mark their 10th year together after forming in 2006 for a bit of a laugh. So ahead of their arrival we asked guitarist/vocalist Julia Kugel (aka Crook Kid Coathanger) to take a wee walk down memory lane and share some of her favourite songs from their back-catalogue and the stories behind them...


1. Parking Lot, The Coathangers, 2007
This was the first song we ever got played on the radio! It was also the song that our parents liked the most. It was a bit of a triumph for us. It's also one of the first songs in which we experimented with the layered vocals that has come to be our current style.

2. Pussywillow, Scramble, 2009

This was a surprise addition to our sophomore record because it had such a unique and bare sound. It was inspired by our friend John while we were watching Jeopardy. One of the answers was "pussywillow" but for some reason he thought it would offend us if he yelled it out like he was doing with all the other answers he knew. So he whispered "pussywillow." We never let him live it down... hence the ending of the song where we spend a minute or so whispering "pussywillow." All in good fun! It showcases us switching instruments as well, I play drums and Steph plays guitar.

3. Johnny, Larceny & Old Lace, 2011

This song was one of the most experimental tracks we have ever done. It has all these crazy guitar sounds. It was the first time I used a slide to create wild exaggerated guitar tones. For a long time it was the song that we started every set with. Because it's so aggressive and free, it was always a perfect way to start the night and wake people up!

4. Follow Me, Suck My Shirt, 2014

I remember the moment we wrote this song. It was one of those special times when things just fall in place. We had the verse going and then the chorus just revealed itself to us. It was easy! We still love playing it and it seems to be the one that gets into people's heads. The video for the song, which features the member of Mastodon dressed like us, was also a surreal highlight of our careers!

5. Squeeki Tiki, Nosebleed Weekend, 2015

This is another song that came together really quick. And we were all smiling the entire time. And I "played" an actual dog toy called the "Squeeki Tiki" on the record, hence the title. This is one of the most fun tunes we play live. I get to run around with a squeeky toy and go nuts. It's so fun and ridiculous. People are always taken back when I pull that thing out! I travel with these specific toys that have the correct tone to every show. Airport security always find the toys pretty amusing too!

The Coathangers - Nosebleed Weekend Tour

Friday 30th September, Whammy Bar, Auckland
Saturday 1st October, Churchills Live, Christchurch

Tickets on sale now HERE at UTR


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