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Video: The Eversons - Good At Making Enemies (UTR Premiere)

Video: The Eversons - Good At Making Enemies (UTR Premiere)

Tuesday 18th October, 2016 9:02AM

As they gear up to release their second studio album Stuck In New Zealand, our London-based friends The Eversons are letting loose a band-directed video for brand new single 'Good At Making Enemies', which we are delighted to premiere here at UTR.

The clip features a colourful cast of historic figures (ranging from Jesus Christ to Stalin) who had a unique knack for rubbing people up the wrong way - something bandmember Chris Young relates to as the band explained when we dropped them a line. Watch the clip, and then read our wee interview with The Eversons below...

Hi! So ‘Good At Making Enemies’ is the new single from your upcoming album Stuck In New Zealand. Can you tell us a little bit about what the song’s about?

Hello, you are speaking with the Eversons hive mind.

'Good At Making Enemies' is a song written and sung by Chris. Chris has a lot of experience being punched in the face for no reason and the song’s about learning and accepting that sometimes you’re gonna piss people off just by being yourself.

Keep an eye out for the second season of our podcast Hicks From The Sticks to hear us really over-analyse the process, possible meanings and conspiracy theories behind this one!!

Who made the video, and how does the concept tie in with the song’s theme?

We did the video ourselves! With a lot of help. Blair and Mark came up with the concept, Blair storyboarded and directed it, our friend James Watson produced it and two hardout dudes called Ben Chesters and Kyle Stoffberg did the actual superimposing and editing.

The concept is really just a literal interpretation of the gist of the song! Chris loves to get drunk and cruise Wikipedia so he knows way too much about history. Seriously, ask him about the history of bread sometime and he can give you a 20 minute lecture. So we put together a bunch of his favourite historical figures who had a knack for making enemies and then got them all to play some sick guitar solos in slow motion.

The face-swap style imagery is slightly unnerving. What’s that all about?

It’s just pretty buzzy man! We’ve always struggled a bit with how we want to represent ourselves in our videos and we’ve also always wanted to see Chris’s face superimposed on the body of a small child dressed as Jesus Christ playing a guitar solo while flying through space- so we just did what felt right.

It feels like Stuck In New Zealand has been a long time coming! What’s been the hold up??

Oh just shenanigans eh- we were locked in a legal battle with a Christian family band also called The Eversons which was really tough. Then Mark bought us a PS4 to help cope with the PTSD and it took us ages to finish GTA 4. We also moved to Auckland, had like three different drummers, released a Japanese EP and toured Japan, then moved to London.

FYI - We’re going into the studio this week to record our third record. This time around it’s gonna be quick as, we promise!

Obviously you’re not stuck in New Zealand at the moment, you’re in London! What took you there and how’s it treating you??

We just wanted a shot at becoming New Zealand’s greatest rock and roll band like The Datsuns!! It’s fully sick - we’re playing heaps of shows, Tim had lunch with Mike Skinner from The Streets, and we have a new manager called Dave who’s got like a million schemes to get rich quick, just like us!

Apart from freezing our nuts off six months of the year, London’s great. But don’t worry, we still lay our New Zealand flags out (Red Peak of course) and pray in the direction of Tane Mahuta three times a day. We don’t forget our roots, my friend. And as Aunty Helen once instructed us, we’ll always keep the flag flying (classic Southern Cross with Union Jack of course) for Kiwi music.

Stuck in New Zealand is out this 18th November 18th via Lil' Chief Records


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