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Video: Badcrop - Human Being

Video: Badcrop - Human Being

Friday 25th November, 2016 1:47PM

Grow Room affiliates Badcrop have surfaced with a new video for 'Human Being', directed by St John Milgrew. The clip, which was filmed on K Road, uses a four-way split screen to play with the idea of humankind's shortened attention span thanks to our obsession with the internet and endless scrolling (a recent study found the average human attention span is now shorter than that of a goldfish). The song was lifted from Badcrop's 2015 offering Germination, and for the uninitiated - here's the duo's self-description...

Badcrop is the dying pot plant next to the tv in your living room. Badcrop is the nasty fungus forming on the tinea infested toes of Auckland City. Badcrop is the sticky tree your dad used to grow in the attic. Badcrop is the burning seed in the metaphoric joint of life. Badcrop is nature & nurture. Badcrop isn’t a team. Badcrop isn’t a squad. Badcrop is a symbol. Badcrop is two people stuck in a k-hole. Badcrop is two words made whole. Bad like hot boxing your mums car on a school night. Crop like an over-packed kindergarden. I don’t know where I’m going with this. "What the fuck is Badcrop anyway?"

Watch the clip below.... 


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