Here's Five: Endless Boogie Share Songs That Inspired New Album 'Vibe Killer'

Here's Five: Endless Boogie Share Songs That Inspired New Album 'Vibe Killer'

Saturday 15th April, 2017 11:00AM

New York riff slingers Endless Boogie will be hurtling their way towards New Zealand next week for a special one-off show at The Tuning Fork in Auckland. Renowned for their hypnotising live sets, the group will no doubt take the opportunity to drop a tune or two from their upcoming fourth album Vibe Killer, slated for release 19th May via No Quarter Records. Up til now we've only been fortunate to lay our ears on the record's chugging title-track, which whet our appetite for more - so we asked the group to share some tracks that set them on the path for slaying some vibes, and guitarist Jesper Eklow served up these cut-throat numbers...

1. Raven - 'Raven Mad Jam'

Even though we might accidentally exercise some erroneous restraint at times, this unhinged punch in the face jam has the correct attitude we seek to endure. Raven will kill your vibes immediately, with no regret. His guitar is weaponized and his words are the bent cool truth.

2. Hamilton Bohannon - 'South African Man'

Put some brains in your feet and get down. Bohannon jams ride on the sideways dance floor of the lost world. No way out of his locked grooves. No escape. You are done.

3. Pussy - 'Comets'

Why stop at merely killing vibes, take down the whole planet. Coming at you from outside, far away, theremin swarm sound taking no aim, a berserk pinball racket where some shriek will make a direct hit in case you aren't already down for the count from the berserk randomness of it all.

4. Pappo's Blues - 'Volume 4'

Any volume will fry your brain, 1, 4, 3, 2, 7… if you need to overdose on gnarly hard rock blues screamer guitar Pappo will bite your head off and stuff it in your ears. We're not worthy. You aren't, either.

5. Curtis Mayfield - 'Stone Junkie'

Live at the Bitter End sounding about a million miles wider than possible for such a tiny room. No bullshit severe action with guitar, bass, drums, stripped down smooth. A song by him that seemingly appears nowhere else and peaks his vibe out intimately. Nobody else could pull this one off.

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