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Stream The New Split 7-Inch From Carb On Carb And For Everest (+ Split Interview)

Stream The New Split 7-Inch From Carb On Carb And For Everest (+ Split Interview)

Thursday 20th April, 2017 3:06PM

Auckland's purveyors of emo pop-punk Carb On Carb met Philly-by-way-of-New-York counterparts For Everest while on the road in the States, and the two bands quickly forged a firm friendship - the result of which is a split cassette coming out on Square Of Opposition Records and on 7-inch vinyl in Australia via Black Wire

Serving up two tracks a piece, the split sees the two acts complementing each other's sound exceptionally well thanks to their general shared ethos and musical influences. To celebrate the split's emergence online, the two bands interviewed each other for UTR. Have a read while you stream the release below...


Pick one: never seeing another dog again, or only drinking warm fruit punch for the rest of you life.

No contest! warm fruit punch all the way, dogs give me every happiness. I would rather never see another human again than not see dogs ever again.

What was the writing process like for these two songs, and how long did it take you to complete them (writing to recording)?

‘Practising for Retirement’ was written a couple years ago and we actually played it live for the first time on our 2015 USA tour. I wrote it when we were in between tours, we try to do a year on, year off with touring to not get too burnt out and have time to write songs and this song is all about trying to be productive in time off and failing. ‘Ma’ was written late last year. It was originally written instrumentally with drums throughout the track and was a really upbeat song but then I wrote lyrics to it when I was really sad and felt like it needed to have more space for just vocals and guitar. We recorded the completed tracks in August 2016.

Name the American food item you miss the most...

Vegetarian deli sandwiches that you could find everywhere. We love fake meat more than we love carbs and those sandwiches ooh wee America can make sandwiches none of that no crusts with a single slice of cucumber British nonsense.

What is your favourite For Everest song and why?

'Reasons #2-7' from We Are At Home In The Body is the perfect first track song that should be on every release in the world. The call and response in the verses are perfect and then that guitar line with the vocal hook “do you wonder which side you fall on” sounds like my childhood dreams of being a rockstar. Put it on your pump up for the gig playlist immediately.


After forming in late 2011 and releasing a couple of EPs, last year you released your crusher of a debut album We Are At Home In The Body. Let’s talk about the album’s theme and which track you think is the best introduction to For Everest.

I think the track that best represents the album as a whole would be 'Autonomy', which was the lead single. The theme of the LP is "finding a way to live comfortably inside your own body", and the word autonomy means freedom from external control or influence. To me, this song is the perfect musical excerpt from the LP: fast and chunky, then layered and honest. It features some of the most personal lyrics I've ever written. If you're going to like us at all, you're going to like this song.

You recently moved from NYC to Philadelphia, how does the deli scene compare between NY and Philly?

Delis in NYC are usually called bodegas, and I miss them dearly. Nothing beats a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich on a bagel - every bodega has them and it's the best cheap, treat-yourself breakfast. Delis in Philly are a different beast, but great for mozzarella sticks and cheese steaks.

What is your favourite Carb on Carb song and why?

'The War on Men' without a doubt. This is the song I put on playlists for people. The first time I saw Carb on Carb was in a basement in Ohio, and I had this song stuck in my head even before I knew the words. It's so much more honest and real than anything I've ever written, and I really admire that.

Without looking it up what do you think the national dish of New Zealand is?

I'm going to guess fancy brussel spouts, or something leaf green. That's probably way wrong. I'm going to Google it...yeah I'm wrong.


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