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Vera Ellen Shares Potent New Single 'Sadness Takes The Gold'

Vera Ellen Shares Potent New Single 'Sadness Takes The Gold'

Monday 10th July, 2017 12:01PM

Multi-instrumentalist Vera Ellen has surfaced out of the blue with a powerful new single 'Sadness Takes The Gold'. The Wellington born artist, who is also tied in with indie rock group Maple Syrup, is currently based in Los Angeles where she is studying and performs with a band called Girl Friday. However, this latest solo offering is a completely different venture, laying spoken-word style lyricism that sounds like it's emanating from an old gramophone on to a bed of reverb-washed guitar and ethereal backing vocals, which all folds together to form a song that brings to mind the likes of Portishead and The Breeders but with a poetic antipodean twist. Take a listen below...


I tell myself
"Don't contribute to the noise"
But all I hear is other boys and I can't help but think it's time to drown them out with some girls who can speak and think for themselves

I tell myself
to be proud of the world that I live in
but the environment's destroyed with every bar code that they're printing
and blood is spilling on my neighbor's doorstep and you stand behind your flag and endorse it?

I tell myself
to be confident in everything that I do
but every billboard is telling me that I need to get something new and that my skin isn't worthy of a second look until I pay for a body and learn how to cook

I tell myself
to be gracious and to be kind
but baby I think I'm losing my mind
and I can't help but hope I'll die before I get old cause I'm a loner whose sadness takes the gold

Whose alone and whose sadness takes the gold
A rush of blood to my brain
baby I think I'm going insane

We're gonna die
Baby, It's alright.


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