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Lineup Announced for Woodcock 2018 - King Brothers, Vottones + More

Lineup Announced for Woodcock 2018 - King Brothers, Vottones + More

Monday 27th November, 2017 9:25AM

The fine folk of Tauranga Music Sux have announced the final ever Woodcock festival is set to take place this coming February, after five strong years of bringing the noise from around the globe to their beloved hometown. Bands set to converge upon the annual celebration of blistering punk rock include Japanese groups King Brothers, Vottones and UCHOO-sanrinsha, Australian psychedelic rockers Levitating Churches, and a tonne of top quality artists from throughout New Zealand, including the return of out-of-control Auckland noiseniks DHDFDs. Could this truly be the end for the iconic annual event? Check out the details below and read on for an official statement from festival organiser Scowlin’ Wolf…

Woodcock 2018 
Saturday 17th - Sunday 18th February, Williams Road North, Pyes Pa, Tauranga

Featuring… The King Brothers, Vottones, UCHOO-sanrinsha, Levitating Churches, DHDFD’s, Palace of Wisdom, Pumice, Slumbu, New Telepathics, The Dicks, Ketsu Gey, Liberated Squid, Black Science, Day Glo Rocks, Here Lies the Homunculi, Hagseed, Repairs, Yor Cronies, Super Narco Man, The Prophet Motive, Blame Thrower, Edward Gains and the Human Remains, Threat.Meet.Protocol, Gold Medal Famous, Master Blaster, Opium Eater, The Can'ts, Biscuits, Wheatbags Anonymous, Markdown, Brightly Coloured Cocks, Bloodbags, Dad Jokes, Dead Model, Josh Durning, Jim Jones & the Peoples Temple, M.A Williamson, Ginzu and the Steak Knives, Dead Simple, Spoonfed... plus more TBC

Check out the King Brothers tearing it up on their 2014 New Zealand tour…

Listen to a heavy jam from Australian rockers Levitating Churches…

Watch DHDFDs' singer Scott Brown battle a 40 gallon drum…

Press release:

Dear Woodcock,

I don't know how to say this... but....

Since 2013 we have been synonymous with one another. A Tauranga Music Sux power couple if you will. Year to year I have thought about nothing but you. I have given you MY EVERYTHING!!!! My time, my energy, my money and all the love I could ever muster. I have bled for you. I have cried for you. I have died just a little for you. But now we must...we must... I can't say it....

Yes, we have watched and helped each other grow. You from a dowdy, sparsely attended, poorly presented backyard festival and me from that disorganised, uncouth, stubby wearing alleged racist and homophobe that grew on you like cancer. But look at you/us now, Woodcock you are the belle of the alternative, parody festival ball and I as your King have been lucky enough to share your limelight and bask just a little in your magnificent glory.

What I am about to say is going to be tough. For the both of us. But know that I love you and I will always love you. You were my first. I thought you would be my only. But I must move on. We must move on....

I am tired. Not of you. But the situation. Every year it is the same event. It's the same 40 odd bands spread over the same 4 stages playing the same songs to the same people standing in the exact same configuration eating the same vegan soup. Everything is the same. It's the god damn same. I can't tell our first year from the last anymore. We just keep repeating ourselves and I see nothing in our futures but resentment and disdain for each other if we don't make a change soon.

Woodcock, I want to see other bands. I want to go to other festivals. I want to meet other shit cunts and try other sandpits. And I know that I always said that I like the size of your festival but who am I kidding I'm a multiple and sprawling paddock kind of guy. Sure we are comfortable but I just feel as though there is so much more that I am missing out on. Who knows? Maybe I like raves. Or what if Laneways is better suited for me. I just won't know until I try...

And it's not to say that I don't see a future for us. I do, I really do. I just need a year, maybe two to find myself then I'm sure we can and will be together again...

Hey, look at me... chin up kid... Don't cry. You will be fine, there are plenty of other music promoters out there who would be lucky to have you.<./p>

And I won't be leaving till after Woodcock 2018 so let's put on a brave face and invite all our friends back for one more time up at Willies Farm. Maybe we can fool ourselves into rekindling some of our former passion. And while I know it was never about the money for us but let's charge $60 a ticket so we don't go further in to debt and start arguing about money problems again ok.

I hope it's ok but I already invited some of our favourite bands and new favourites including:

The King Brothers (Japan) Vottones (Japan) UCHOO-sanrinsha (Japan) Levitating Churches (Australia) DHDFD's (The Grave) Palace of Wisdom Pumice Slumbug New Telepathics The Dicks Ketsu Gey Liberated Squid Black Science Day Glo Rocks Here Lies the Homunculi Hagseed Repairs Yor Cronies Super Narco Man The Prophet Motive Blame Thrower Edward Gains and the Human Remains Threat.Meet.Protocol Gold Medal Famous Master Blaster Opium Eater The Can'ts Biscuits Wheatbags Anonymous Markdown Brightly Coloured Cocks Bloodbags Dad Jokes Dead Model Josh Durning Jim Jones & the Peoples Temple M.A Williamson Ginzu and the Steak Knives Dead Simple Spoonfed

Plus more TBC

I will miss you. But Woodcock: We need a break!

Love always,

Scowlin Wolf


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