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Interview: Seven Questions For Dad Jokes

Interview: Seven Questions For Dad Jokes

Friday 16th March, 2018 3:45PM

Fun-loving Auckland punk duo Dad Jokes (Ian Brown and Matthew Wall) are sadly playing their final show in the foreseeable future this weekend, as guitarist / singer Brown is heading off to Ireland to explore new creative challenges. The band are leaving behind a tonne of great tunes, uninhibited live shows, beer-drenched memories and one excellent long-player, 2017's Watch Out For The Bullies. We couldn't stand for the group to throw in the towel without giving them a solid grilling about their personal highlights and plans for the future. Brown stepped up to the plate, read his answers below and catch the duo while you can, playing alongside Ounce, BOZO and Friendly Potential DJs this Saturday 17th March at Auckland's Whammy Bar...

1. Why on earth are you going to Ireland Ian?

I’m going to write a fantasy novel (seriously), and now that I’m 30 it’s my last chance to get a visa over in Europe. Kind of a now or never type scenario.

2. What was your favourite Dad Jokes show?

For Matt, his two favourite shows were the last show of our Hit the Beach Tour at Tiger Spit Garage a few New Years Eves ago, and the our video release for '210 Todd'. As for me, I would say maybe our last Lucha Lounge show or one of our shows with all the balloons. I’m a sucker for a gimmick or anything that makes it a bit more of a performance. My dream is still to play on someone’s shoulders or crowd surf while playing. One day.

3. Do you reckon if you kept playing together you'd start getting really annoyed with each other? Would you still play Dad Jokes shows if you're in the same city?

If I wasn’t leaving we definitely would still be soldiering on and playing shows, maybe just not as often. It’s not as fun for everyone involved when you’re playing the same songs at the same venue to the same (shrinking number of) people every week. We already get annoyed at each other during almost every show but we always hug it out afterwards. Never go to sleep angry in any relationship.

4. Are there any unreleased recordings left in 'the vault'? Can we expect any re-issue packages? Any songs you wished you got around to covering?

We’re terrible at covers. Matt hates doing them because whatever song you choose it’s going to be someone’s favourite song that you’re going to mess up. I just hate taking the time to learn them. We did get most of the way through learning 'Rain' by Dragon but never got around to finishing it. No re-issues but in classic Dad Jokes fashion we’ve just written four or five songs that we’re hoping to record before I go, so there might be a demos tape or EP in the future.

Down the road we may do a MTV unplugged type thing where everything is slowed down and Matt plays with some brushes.

5. Any achievements you're particularly proud of with the band?

Matt has always wanted to put out a proper LP since he’s a collector, so doing the whole coloured vinyl ($25 at the show on Saturday, $20 if you want it signed) thing was a big achievement for him. Also winning a few Dirtbag awards and touring Canada and the US three times are up on his list. Mine was probably playing at Ottawa Explosion Weekend in front of a lot of my friends and musicians I really admire. That and people singing along or going mental at shows is a real highlight for me.

6. What's your thoughts on the challenges facing local musos - completely pointless endeavour, totally awesome thing to do, or...? Any advice you'd pass down to 'young Dad Jokes'?

I’ve had some of the best times of my life cramped into a tiny van with a bunch of my friends going all over four different countries. It can be tough and there aren’t many rewards - at least in the financial and critical acclaim aspect - but as long as it’s fun then it’s worth it. As for challenges, there will always be house parties to play (we played one two weeks ago), or garages (we practice in one). Someone will come along and start the next cool venue and if you get sick of waiting then that person is going to be you.

7. Do you have a message for your fans?

Catch Dad Jokes playing their final show at Auckland's Whammy Bar this Saturday 17th March w/ Ounce, BOZO and Friendly Potential DJs.


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