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Interview: Elroy Talks About His New Album and Live Debut

Interview: Elroy Talks About His New Album and Live Debut

Tuesday 10th April, 2018 11:43AM

Elroy Finn recently snuck out two tracks of delectably catchy guitar pop under the minimal moniker Elroy, the initial outpourings from his debut album which will be out later this year. Written and recorded over six years in Auckland and New York, the artist's richly detailed psych-folk compositions hint at stately kingdoms of sound. Recently sharing the stage with family members Neil Finn and Liam Finn on their Where's My Room national tour, Elroy will be playing his first ever show under that name this Friday at Auckland's Whammy Backroom alongside psychedelic traveller Arthur Ahbez. We felt now was a great time to touch base with Finn via email about his plans for 2018, read Elroy's words below and catch him live this weekend...

Could you please talk about the inspirations behind the tunes you've released so far?

'Worth the Wait' was the last song I wrote on the album and is one of a few where the chords don’t change. I like the process of figuring out how to keep a song interesting by using other elements or dynamic shifts. Also means I don’t have to write new chords for a chorus.

'The Highest Tree' is largely inspired by a combination of Arabic, Greek and certain Eastern European scales and instrumentation. But it also has probably the most “pop” section of the whole album, so I guess trying to make that work well together was exciting for me.

What have you got planned for with your debut show this weekend?

I’m really looking forward to playing with five of my closest friends and family. The show on Friday will be the first time we’ve played these songs live. It’s such a luxury being able to have so much of the instrumentation on my album in a live setting, even more so my first show. Also, there’s been rumours flying around that Diplo is a fan and will be coming to the show.

How did your upcoming album come about?

I started recording my own music about six years ago while I was living and playing music with my brother in New York. I started slowly accumulating a group of songs that I would try to further whenever I had time. It wasn’t until last year that I spent a good chunk of time finishing it here in Auckland. I didn’t really know what I was doing throughout a lot of the process but I had a clear idea of how I wanted it to sound, so I guess that’s why it took so long.

Is there a title for your debut record?

I think the album will just come out as Elroy.

How did the Where's My Room tour with your father and brother go?

The Where’s My Room tour was amazing. Was a real treat getting visit so many small towns around New Zealand that I’d never been to. The shows were pretty magical too, a lot of talented people on that stage, I felt lucky to be there.

What challenges are involved in coming up with your own distinct artistic identity as a member of such a well-known musical family?

It’s not something I think about that often. I think my family and I all have our own different styles, tastes and skills, so hopefully that array of factors comes through in our respective music. At the same time, I think we all inspire each other in what we do, but I’d see that as more of a positive, than a challenge.

What have you got planned for the coming year - will you be touring in the near future?

I would love to play lots of shows this year. I will definitely be doing some more in New Zealand in the coming months, and will hopefully make it to the U.S and Europe by the end of the year. I’m thinking about going to University as I never went after high school, and I have plans to do a massage therapy course. Looking forward to releasing my album as well, dates for all of the above are to be confirmed.

You can catch Elroy playing at Auckland's Whammy Backroom this Friday 13th April, head along here for more info and tickets.


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Fri 13th Apr
Whammy Backroom, Auckland

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