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Bed Bits Debut New Zealand Tour Announced + Interview

Bed Bits Debut New Zealand Tour Announced + Interview

Interview by James Sullivan / Friday 30th November, 2018 11:40AM

California “devotional dork surf” crew Bed Bits have announced they will be hanging ten in Aotearoa this December. The four-piece will be bringing the summer vibes to across the country in the silly season with their unique brand of sunshine-embracing rhythms and guitar lines as light as a lemon-augmented Corona at the beach. James Sullivan (Jim Nothing, Ary & The Jansens) tracked down the fun-loving group's Alex Edgeworth and Zach Burba for an email yarn about the upcoming tour, life in the US, and UK electronic pop wizard Gary Numan - grip the tour details here and read their conversation below...

Bed Bits
Monday 3rd December - Auckland, venue to be announced
Thursday 6th December - Christchurch, venue to be announced
Friday 7th December - The Crown, Dunedin w/ Francisca Griffin (LBGP) and Kraus
Saturday 8th December - Settler Theater, Oamaru
Wednesday 12th December - Lucky Bar, Whanganui
Thursday 13th December Strange Haven, Auckland w/ Jim Nothing, Ducklingmonster, George Henderson

Have a hoon on their endearing four-track offering Cavendish Banana Demos below...

You’re coming ‘down under’ soon Y/N?

Very much Y! First time for both of us.

Why New Zealand?

I always thought it would be fun to be a band that does things all wrong and backwards. We haven't yet gone on a full U.S. tour or released a full album but touring New Zealand just seemed like a perfect plan. I've been a fan of New Zealand bands since the start; when I began to play drums, my first instrument, I taped legal pad paper on them to sound more like Tall Dwarfs. But also I have hardly any idea about what New Zealand is like-- no preconceived notions about the culture or the cities, and it excited me to feel that fresh about something.

Is there anything in particular you are looking forward to doing while here?

I'm very much looking forward to all the unexpected in-betweens. What's a New Zealand gas station like? I don't know, because no one ever talks about that, but it'll be nice to feel the little differences. As a tourist I'm dreaming of the mud volcanoes and cooking eggs in the van. I'm also expecting to be pleasantly surprised by the different wildlife and birds, and hope to record some noises.

Now for the shows, you have been known to play shows. What is booked so far? Where can we find you?

We have a soft opening in Auckland at a friend's BBQ on the 3rd, and play the south island cities on the 6th, 7th, and 8th before looping up again to Whanganui and Auckland. Especially looking forward to our show on the 7th with Francisca Griffin in Dunedin. We really, really wanted to play the ferry but missed the deadline. Maybe we can play on the decks or something anyway, if the ocean's not too choppy and we're not cranky or seasick.

Are either of you fans of Gary Numan? (unrelated question but I’ve been listening to him lots again and really enjoying it)

I loved Gary Numan and Tubeway Army back when I was a halfhearted goth. "Are Friends Electric?" is an old favorite.

What is the USA like at the moment, where are you based?

The U.S.A. is fine. Only okay I mean. Everyone got to breathe a sigh of relief in the recent elections and it feels like some folks have regained their sparkle a little bit. I live in a lefty Pacific Northwest bubble where weed is legal and people are friendly to you for no reason at all. I broke my arm this past summer and people were giving me free lunches; Zach had someone tuck a chocolate bar under his wiper blade under cover of night. We're very fortunate to be around that energy, but that's not the reality for many, many people right now.

Was Gary Numan American?

Nope! Did he want to be?


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