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Interview: Mickey Nox of Green Fetish Records Talks Hammering Techno

Interview: Mickey Nox of Green Fetish Records Talks Hammering Techno

Jonathan Hardcastle / Fluffy / Tuesday 14th May, 2019 10:20AM

Mickey Nox is a formidable force in Melbourne’s techno scene, cranking out globally respected distorted bangers and heading heavy-dance label Green Fetish Records. Nox is bringing his stomping selection of tunes to two of Aotearoa’s deepest, darkest club nights this month - Klang in Auckland and Keep Weird in Wellington. Ahead of his ear drum-assaulting visit, Nox caught up with Klang co-founder Jonathan Hardcastle aka KRM to chat about hardware sets, underground raves and “fucking hammers”...

One Year Of Klang >>> Presenting Mickey Nox
Friday 24th May - Whammy Backroom, Auckland w/ KRM, Samari

Tickets available HERE via UTR

Keep Weird Presents: Mickey Nox
Saturday 25th May - Valhalla, Wellington w/ Stand & Deliver, KRM, Joshua B
Tickets available HERE via UTR

Jonathan Hardcastle: Here in NZ industrial techno is pretty small. How’s it doing in Aussie? Are crowds receptive to harsher sounds?

Mickey Nox: It’s getting there for sure. We’ve had some heavy acts come down and sell out successfully. Along with a lot of locals who punch hard. It’s constantly growing and the Melbournians dig it.

Great to hear about your forthcoming European tour. Have you ever played over there before? If so, how would you compare it to playing in Aussie? Where are you playing in Europe? Do you reckon you’ll play differently in Europe?

Thanks lads, I’m fucking pumped. I played over in Lyon in 2015 at DV1 club which was a lot of fun. I had some other dates set up in 2015 that fell through that couldn’t marry up at the time with where I was travelling. So based on that one show, it was still different to playing at home. I didn’t know my boundaries for my first show there. GFR and my own music wasn’t as well known as it is now, so definitely can't wait to get there, this time with more of understanding of the overseas scene also. I’m playing in Utrecht, London, Barcelona and Berlin. Fucking Hammers.

What’s your favourite Australian city and venue to play in? Most ruckus crowd?

Melbourne for sure. The most wild crowd was TFU back in its heyday, hands down. Though now there is some killer parties at different venues, so I think it's more based on the promoter rather than the venue. For Melbourne anyways.

You do a lot of production and live sets with hardware - what’s your favourite synth, and what bit of kit do you use the most? What gear do you use for your live sets?

Mickey Nox: My live set is quite small. Its my analog RYTM running thru the HEAT along with my modular. I use everything pretty evenly though; I’m loving the graphic VCO at the moment. But stand-alone synth, the MS-20 has a soft spot. I love that thing.

Who’s Death Metal Henry?

My mate Kevin from Stable Music calls me Henry (GoodFellas) and I wear a Death Metal branded tee occasionally and he randomly spat it out. There it was.

Can you tell us a bit about your experience running clandestine raves in Melbourne? Did you ever get into any trouble with the authorities?

Ah yes. They were quite infamous, the illegal raves. I guess they were so good because it was different at the time for our generation, and the venues were great. The location was quite suitable, so never got into any drama. I’m actually organising a new spot at the moment. Hopefully I’ll land it soon.

What have you got in store for us at Klang and Keep Weird?

Fucking Hammers! Haha.

You’re running Green Fetish records which has had over 50 releases. What would you say to someone looking to start their own?

Just do it, and do it exactly how you want to. There’s no right and wrong. It’s personal choice.

Where does the name Green Fetish come from? Can you tell us how the label began?

I started the label in September 2013. I was running another Melbourne club’s record label which came to an end along with the club. I was really enjoying it, so started my own brand with total control of art, music and direction. So I let it rip along with the parties.

I love Green Velvet. So I stole Green from there. Then, Paul Woolford is one of my favorite producers. His track “Fetish” blew me away when i heard it as a 17 year old. I used to play it all the time. So I merged the two. So many cunts think it’s a fetish with chuff, haha.

What do you see for the future of techno? Is it destined to go back underground in Europe, or will it continue to grow in popularity?

To be honest I really don't care. It’s something I don't think about. I'll just keep making and releasing exactly what pushes my buttons.

For anyone getting started producing and DJing, what would you recommend - gear wise or otherwise?

Buy turntables and some records.
Produce without an idea.

Favourite Aussie beer and footy team?

Flat out Carlton DRY. Don’t follow the footy actually.

How do you find a balance between late nights and daytime activities? Do you have a day job?

My DJ schedule is nothing like it used to be, so I have most weekends back to normality. I’ve got a full time job. But I'll hit the studio around 5am before work most weeks and after work.

Do you do anything to prepare for gigs? Fitness, quiet time etc?

Punch a few whiskeys beforehand.

Bladerunner or Alien?


Hardware or plug ins?


Whisky or vodka?

Whisky, lad.

Gear or gear?


You can score tickets for Knox’s Auckland appearance at Klang’s one year anniversary show over HERE, and his Wellington appearance at Keep Weird over HERE.


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One Year Of Klang  - Presenting MICKEY NOX
Fri 24th May
Whammy Backroom, Auckland
Keep Weird Presents: Mickey Nox [Aus/Green Fetish Records]
Sat 25th May
Valhalla, Wellington