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Randa Returns With Single 'Rock Bottom' + Interview

Randa Returns With Single 'Rock Bottom' + Interview

Chris Cudby / Thursday 13th June, 2019 11:04AM

Tāmaki Makaurau's Randa aka Mainard Larkin has returned with a bumping and slyly satirical new single 'Rock Bottom', following a couple of years downtime between releases. A funked-up collaboration between the rapper, producer Shannon Fowler (Tom Lark) and Alex Freer (A.C. Freazy, Tiny Ruins) 'Rock Bottom' throws down an irresistible boogie-infused groove for Randa to strut their stuff on top of, waxing lyrical on the allure of contemporary celebrity culture. The accompanying clip [update: it's out now, watch it below] by Vision Thing spins that theme off in a unexpected direction with Randa rocking a bold new look, effortlessly straddling worlds of comedy, pop cultural critique and body horror. Aucklanders can catch Randa celebrating the release at a special party tonight with buds Bobandii and Totems – check out new single below and read on for Chris Cudby's chat with Randa about 'Rock Bottom' and what's on the cards for the near future...

Randa Rock Bottom Single Release Show
w/ Bobandii + Totems
Thursday 13th June - Whammy Bar, Auckland

Tickets available HERE via UTR

‘Rock Bottom’ is your second collaboration with Shannon Fowler right? How did that come together?

Yes! So basically I was working at Q Theatre. I had known Shannon for a while and I guess it had been a while since we had seen each other. We bumped into each other and had always been meaning to make a song, then we just finally did it. We got into the studio and made a track and we were really happy with it, so we made another track and that was ‘Rock Bottom’. So ‘Rock Bottom’ was the second song we made together but the first song we have decided to release. Also, our friend Alex [Freer aka A.C. Freazy] joined in for the writing session.

No way! Really? So what’s the plan for Thursday night’s show? I heard there’s going to be stickers and candy?

Yeah, it’s going to be sick. A bunch of my friends are getting involved. There’s going to be a DJ set from Totems, aka my friend Ruben. There’s gonna be a set from Bobandii, I’m gonna play a set. I'm also going to screen the new music video. I’ve just been to Gilmours and bought up some bulk lollies. There’s a bunch of stickers coming. It's gonna be trippy, there’s going to be some surprises. There gonna be something real special and [we] put in some extra effort.

The extra effort is always appreciated. Is ‘Rock Bottom’ a standalone release or is it the tip of the iceberg for things to come?

I definitely think there’s going to be a lot more to come. Once this song is out and the video’s out, I'll just be planning the next release and then the next release and then hopefully have a nice cohesive project. I think it's exciting aye, I'm a little bit older now and peace'd out.

There’s a pretty hard out funk and boogie feel to ‘Rock Bottom’. Were you thinking about anything specific when you were putting together the track?

I kinda just said to Shannon, just do whatever you want. We’d jam ideas, as he and Alex were playing I would start performing hooks and just writing. It was so buzzy because it happens so quickly and I think often when you work with people you really get along with, it kinda does just happen like that. The hook is very simple, it's one line but it works really well and I'm real proud of it.

The lyrical content of ‘Rock Bottom’, would you say it's reflecting on celebrity imagery?

Totally. It was a massive commentary on celebrity culture and I guess how we buy into it. To a degree it's kind of embarrassing, but I'm guilty of it and I kinda love it and I love things that are cringe. I love Justin Bieber and I can't quit him and I'm not proud of it and it's reality. It was kind of in the mind of a celebrity a little bit and that's the fun thing about songwriting. It can be a story and you can play that character.

One thing I loved about the video is it's just a classic set up for a great video. Waking up in the morning and suddenly everything’s changed.

Totally. It's like a lot of 90s, post-2000s movies.

Where did the idea of waking up with a mouth on your belly come from?

I met Don and Ian, they are a directing [team] called Vision Thing. I met them last year working on a project and they basically just pitched that idea to me one day. They sent me a really cool treatment. When I read it I was just kind of mind blown because it’s such an out of it, outside the box idea. I was like, “Whoa, this is crazy, I can't do this” and then I was like “Man, actually this is so cool. This is like the best idea ever!” That was all their kinda mad genius.

Last thing, do you have a message for your fans that you want to send out before the show?

I guess I'd just like to say, because I took a few years off to just like live and not really release a lot of music, but it's always really heartwarming when I meet people at shows. Everyone’s so supportive and motivated and it's just nice to put stuff out again. I hope people really like it and enjoy.

'Rock Bottom' is out now via Best & Fairest Records.


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